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  • About & History:  Alona C, a 25 years old artist which was born in New York and raised in Israel, knew very early on that she was meant for the stage.
    As she was growing up, Alona was singing, dancing and preforming all around the world, while taking singing lessons.
    After her release from the IDF, Alona formed the dance group "Shake", whose first single received over 400,000 views.
    Then, after her successful run with the group in Israel and after she felt untrue to herself by doing music that she doesn't really connects too, Alona decided to take a new and exciting direction and follow her heart and the music she had always loved.
    On February, 2012, she formed the band Alona C's with a couple of talented musicians.
    Together they put on an exciting show, which included some of the biggest Rock hits of the last few years.
    These days Alona is working on her own songs, while she insists on writing them and composing them together with some talented musicians. Moreover, Alona C, decided to expand her knowledge and started taking guitar lessons as well.
    Quoting her:
    "I believe that my music should express me completely and have more than a touch of my state of mind, that's why I insist on being involved through the whole process, from the lyrics that I write, through composing and inspecting my producers, 'till the final video producing step and marketing the video and the song – This industry leaves me no choice to do otherwise".
    After a long road, at the age of 24 Alona C released her first official single – "The Master Queen of Love" on August 2013.
    This song was out after 9 months of a very "bumpy ride".
    The song touches various music genres and sounds completely like music from across the sea.
    From this single you can draw a lot of elements from her lyrics, from the music production and from her video, which can pretty much tell you a bit more about her.
    Now, at the age of 25, she is released her 2nd official single – TV Clown, a song she wrote. This song was composed by her together with Idan Sharon, a known producer in Israel.
    In this song she expresses completely what she really thinks about the reality shows industry. “I wrote this song as an explanation to myself and to the world why I decided to stop going to these shows and why I’m so happy I never got in. I got sick of these questions and of the Idea that people think it’s the only way – Yes it sometimes does the work for you, but does it worth it? Eventually your just a TV Clown – An entertainment tool” (Alona .C.).
    Stay tuned…
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