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  • Artist Name:  Andy J. Fredes
  • Genre:  Metal
  • About & History:  Born in Uruguay in 1968 grew up under a right wing militar government that made many uruguayan families to leave the country or face persecution, torture and even death. the Fredes stayed in the country and survived by God's grace. At high school Andy got in contact with a radio show called Meridiano Juvenil where he started listening to Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, the spanyards Baron Rojo, and he chose his path as a metal musician as a vehicle to fight tiranny and oppression.
    At the age of 18 he went to Brazil, later he lived In Argentina, recorded many demos and started few bands, trained martial arts and soon street fighting and drugs abuse were part of his life until in 1997 he surrender his life To Jesus Christ. No rehab was needed to quit a 15 years addiction to cocaine, God stil do miracles and give purpose in life. In the year 2000 his band Guerra Santa became the first Christian Metal Band in Uruguay to play outside Churches and reach out the real head bangers with a different message, Sebastian Rebollo in drums and Sebastian Cobas in bass completed the line up.
    A demo was recorded but due to low resources and low quality of the local studios was left in the past.
    He left Uruguay in the year 2002 and moved to California to help the local Church to reach out rockers with his music, sadly the hispanic church rejected his ministry due to his long hair and tattoes untill he met Dave Maciel, Worship Director at Downey First Christian Church who decided to record Andy's first EP as a soloist.
    Faithful to his call, determinated to reach his people with a living message in his songs Andy J. Fredes will keep fighting the good fight with Real Metal Music and sharp lyrics capable of challenge our most deep ideals and traditions.
    Keep rocking in the light of The Allmighty!!!
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