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  • Label Name:  Beyond Tha Hype
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  • Label & History:  I am the on-line talent rep for Beyond Tha Hype looking to network with like minded people working in the creative industries. I am looking to enhance my network of contacts and create new alliances specifically in the Hip Hop industry. I am the marketing cordinator of Beyond Tha Hype LLC. Our goal is to continue to set up a global marketplace and network where like-minded individuals and communities can connect, share resources and build a worldwide network.

    If you are just a fan of good music go to our wesite and enjoy free mixtape downloads, thousands of new and old music videos, BTH Radio and over 250 pages pages of content.
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  • Date:2013-02-25 03:53:18         
  • Thanks for joining us! We would be happy to send our rap artists your way for further review. Interested? We can also work together in other ways, have you checked out our affiliates page? We have a lot of options! – REPLY >


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