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  • Artist Name:  Young Kropes
  • Genre:  Rap and Hip Hop
  • About & History:  Young Kropes, who's real name is Matt. Also from the hip hop group "Brew City Ballas", is a 26 year old hip hop producer and musician originally from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. He has now lived in the Tampa, Florida area since 2008. His style is quote "a deep-bass rap with a mid 90's flavor", and his songs change alot in style. Sometimes the beats have a rock vibe. Other times, the raps are on a comedy level with songs like "Swamp Ass" or "Fast Food Freestyle". Or the songs can be on a more serious note and the lyrics can get political. If the mood is right, Kropes will perform a club banger or a song for the ladies.

    Kropes is an original artist, but also enjoys recording remixes and sampled songs including his own hip hop versions of Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters", Rockwell & Michael Jackson's "Somebody's Watching Me" and Bon Jovi's "Wanted (Dead Or Alive)". He has also recorded remixes to Jay Z's "Empire State Of Mind", Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now" and Trae & Pimp C's "Swangin'". There is also no telling what's going to come out of his mouth when he hits the stage for a live performance. He has recorded just over 100 tracks from 2006 until present. And has given out hundreds of CD's and had hundreds of mp3 download's and play's online thruout the years.

    As a youngster, his mother didnt approve of some of the foul lyrics and parental advisory stickers on his cd's and would take away certain one's. This only influenced Kropes to start writing his own hip hop music even more. Growing up he had a strong liking of westcoast hip hop and gangsta beats All genre's of music are a influence to Kropes however, not just hip hop. He likes Rock, Punk, Reggae, R&B and Jazz. At the age of 13 Young Kropes began listening to artist's such as Coolio, Notorious BIG, Bone Thugs N Harmony, LL Cool J, Naughty By Nature, P. Diddy and Tupac. He like many others was a young fan of hip hop in it's prime during the 90's. Some of his favorite artists in todays hip hop scene include The Game, Eminem, B.O.B. and Wacka Flocka. Kropes mentions he is not a huge fan of current mainstream hip hop because people lack creativity and abuse autotune too much. He says the electronic and pop sound is taking over what real hip hop is supposed to sound like and that people are brainwashed into what they hear on the radio. Kropes grew up in the Midwest, lives down South but is most influenced by westcoast hip hop, so as you can see he has been surrounded by hip hop from all across the nation which is what influeces him.

    He recorded his first ever song with his brother Mike in the mid 90's as kids using a cassette tape recorder. They called the rap song "Matt And Mike (Hanging wit' the GG's "good guys"). They would also use a cd and tape player and record themselves playing music and being pretend radio DJ's.

    Kropes interest in music as a kid sparked his interest in writing his own music in 2006 when he started writing with friend's and former roomate's Mike West, G Doof and Big P. They would smoke blunts and drink Milwaukee's Best beer while listening to beats. They also had a producer named Chris who lived in the same appartment complex that would make a beat on their computer and they would freestyle live onto a cassette tape recorder and in front of friends. They were nicknamed "Ballas" by other people even tho they never considered living "balla" status. But felt they needed something more original to call themselves so they combined the un-original nickname "Ballas" by mixing it with the city's nickname to form the group's name "Brew City Ballas". They were the young guys from the "Brew City" area just trying to do what they do best while being "Ballas" partying and drinkin' on the Milwaukee's Best beer and eatin' some cheese. BCB it was. The group debuted 3 mixtapes titled "Still Dub Duecin' (2007)", "This Game Of Cards (2008)" and "The Rebirth (2010)". In an exclusive interview with Now Tune In "The Future Of Music Review" in June of 2009, Kropes explains the funny story about how the group named their first ever track "Everlasting Bowl".

    In mid 2008, Brew City Ballas became inactive after G Doof was sentenced to serve 3 years of jail time, and after Young Kropes moved to Florida. The group has never officialy called it quits however just found it hard to all get together and record as time has gone by. G Doof has continued to write new material while being locked up. He says after being released he plans on releasing a ton of new stuff he's been writing. Mike West & Big P have both been in the studio at LB Productions recording on and off with friends Lil Bruno, Tom E Gunn & Chucky Jones recording the new mixtape "Recession Proof". There is no current release date on that mixtape yet and it isn't 100 percent positive that the name will remain "Recession Proof" either but it is in the works for a official release in 2012. Mike West and Young Kropes also reunited in 2010 at the Dub Duece Entertainment South Studio near Tampa to record the mixtape titled "The Rebirth". Brew City Balla members also still frequently work on solo projects and frequently do features on other artists music.

    After moving to the Bay area in late 2008, Young Kropes has performed at several venues and was also featured in a news article in Tampa Bay Times soundcheck section as "artist of the day", and in a news article on written by an old author of "The Source Magazine". His single, "Never Giving Up, Never Backing Down" was featured on Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes Top Indie 50 Volume 48 Hosted by DJ RPM and also aired on Dubolryngz Radio and Dub Duece Radio. The song was also featured in a Milwaukee Hip Hop battle on the locally well know hip hop site

    In 2009, Kropes filmed his first music video in Clearwater, FL. on the beach titled "Living The Good Life". It featured local artist's and friends Shawboy & Sai PR . The video was produced by Southbound Media's R. Goodman (A Cameraman for Slip N Slide Records). The buzz was then rising on the video after from haters online and on YouTube with negative feedback. The people for whatever reason hating on the Milwaukee whiteboy rappin' on the beach in his whitebeater with big Aviater sunglasses, a bottle of Grey Goose and a blunt in hand but Kropes took the haters as a positive thing that at least they were noticing him even if they were hatin'. And it paid off because later that year Young Kropes was nominated for an Award at Slip N Slide Records Red Carpet Independant DJ and Artist Awards show in Tampa at Club Skye but despite efforts didnt win. He also had a snippet of his track "Here In Tampa Bay", a song he remixed to Jay Z's "Empire State Of Mind" mixed on the air on Wild 94.1 "Tampa's Hip Hop & R&B station" and has also been shouted out at on the air by a couple different DJ's from that station as well. A live video of him performing his song he wrote dedicated to one of his favorite baseball teams the Tampa Bay Rays, called "Go Rays (MLB From The Bay)" is also featured on the Rays website His work can be heard on Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes Top Indie 50 Volume 48 and Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes Top Indie 50 Volume 52 featuring other Indy artist's as well as songs on those same mixtapes from Upgrade, TP, Mims, Kanye West & Lupe Fiasco.

    In November, 2011 Kropes released a 14 track mixtape titled "Collaboration Dedication Volume 3", a follow up to his first 2 solo mixtapes. He said these songs were just a preview of whats to come in 2012 when he plans to release his debut album "Just Turn Me Up". Kropes was also a guest on "Keepin It Real Radio" on November 18th hosted by local Milwaukee hip hop legend Thief Da High Priest and he told TDHP that BCB had a hard time getting in the studio these days, but that he misses the Mil and they try to work on new music whenever the oppurtunity comes about. He talked about new music also and the importance of promoting your music and the differences between the Milwaukee and Florida scene.

    In early 2012 Young Kropes plans on releasing his debut 14 track album (his 6th solo release on CD) called "Just Turn Me Up". He will be writing all the lyrics, producing all the beats, and recording and mastering it all himself. It will be available on ITunes. And on CD by ordering a copy at DUBDUECEENTERTAINMENT.COM or AMAZON.COM. The album will also be available in limited copies at certain retailers in the USA. He also plans on having a couple very special guests featured on the album also.

    Young Kropes has shared the stage with many other independant artist's from the Bay area such as Shawboy, Sai Pr, Zigga, B-Eazy, Breeze, Danger Powas, Hittman, Creep, Rook Da Rukus, Mooch Brown, Mr Monsta, The O-Lodge, Pryde, DSFB, Buffalo Joe, Redstryke, The Way It Goes Sometimes, The Radial Flyers, Adamo Lukiss, J Apostle, 5 Pound Trigger & Drew Willz. He has also recorded songs with many other underground artists including Brew City Ballas, Sai PR, Rob Hawk, Whyte Rabbit, Shawboy, Unique, Lil Ghost, Wiz, Lucky C, AKA, Stevie Jay, Nicklebag, Buuby Miles, FAB, Endeavor, Concept & AO, LepFee, Jay G, Chucky Jones, Tom E Gunn, Zigga, Blaque Pop, Dr.S & Aisha Hollans.

    Kropes thrives to keep giving the audience more good entertainment in the years to come despite of the current state that hip hop and the economy are currently in. He delivers his message quick and isnt set out for the fame or getting "big", but has his mind set more instead of just being heard to a large underground audience with no super ego's attached. He wants to be a flame burning bright in the indy scene. And if you are from, or visiting the Tampa Bay or even Orlando or St. Pete area check out the websites to catch a Young Kropes event possibly happening for your live viewing.

    On the side, Kropes plays guitar. He has been playing off and on since 2007 and recorded an acoustic EP at Madison Media Institute. He also operates his own Studio and Indie Label "Dub Duece Entertainment". There is a current roster of 15 artist's on the label mostly all hip hop and R&B, except for 1 acoustic artist and 1 Rock band. He produces beats, offers studio time, host's mixtapes, duplicates and prints small disc quanities, Designs Logos & Flyer's. He has also hosted his own live radio show called "Dub Duece Radio". The label is located in Central Florida and it's artist's are located mainly in Wisconsin and Florida but are looking to expand.
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