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  • Current Status:  Working hard to not only push my first release entitled: OutBrake and at the same time getting the maxi-single together for the new release "Purposely Connected"
  • Artist Name:  C-Minor
  • Genre:  Christian
  • About & History:  Born April 19, 1975 in Indianapolis, IN 36 year old Earl D Carruthers Jr. aka (C-Minor) has always had a passion for great music. C-Minor started singing in the youth choir of Grace Apostolic Church located on the 22 hundred block of N. College Ave. at the age of 7. At the age of 8 he took a strong interest in spinning records. "I remember as a child getting my butt beat for scratching up my Mother's gospel albums trying to master the art of (scratching)" recalls C-Minor. At the age of about 10 or 11 he bagan to tap into other talents he was just coming to know he had laying dormant, and just waiting to spring forth. Writting poetry, short stories, writing play scripts, and drawing, just to name a few.

    " After high school he and his God-brothers (Donald Keys Sr., Harvey Lee Sr., and cousin Jimmy Dale) formed a group known as U.C.A. (Under Cover Agents) and Donald Keys Sr. established Under Cover Records. U.C.A. has performed at The Wagon Wheel (Indianapolis, IN), The Madame Walker (Indianapolis, IN), and the Cotton Club located in Chicago, IL. The group was invited to perform at the Click (Chicago, IL), but due to the fact that C-Minor was hospitalized due to kidney stones, they were unable to go back and perform. "

    "Since then, I've sold out to Jesus Christ in all my ways and have been trying to master the business side of things and now feel I am ready to bring a major Christ-centered movement to the mid-west and world that is long overdue" stated C-Minor.

    Earl (C-Minor) Carruthers Jr, a single Father of two; is now a licensed minister in the state of Indiana through the A.B.S.A. and the PAW. Earl is also the Founder and CEO of WeMakeHit'z Entertainment, E.D.A.T. Productionz, and OwtterLimitz Studioz, with the first featuring artist being, (Bridgez To The Kingdom).

    " I don't want the whole pie, I just want a piece of it, so that when my children get older they have a foundation to start out with and not my debt. Hopefully though as God leads me I can trail-blaze a change for the better for our youth, because as it looks right now, they don't stand a chance to survive unless we show them the right way, by following Christ ourselves; which is what I hope to accomplish with this business " stated C-Minor.

    "I believe that just like a Pastor properly
    trains and prepares his/her ministers to go out and be affective in their calling, it should be no different as it relates to Christian artist; be they rappers, singers, or those that minister through poetry. From my years of being passionate about seeing and producing entertainment that will have a powerful impact on the the world as it relates to positive change, we as leaders or Christian business owners, we should make sure we take the time to properly train others to not only do what we do but train them to go beyond us as they embrace a rapidly changing world; which is where the artist management/internship program I seeking God about will be a great benefit to our youth that have a passion for the entertainment ministry". Stated C-Minor.
  • Website:  http://www.reverbnation.com/bttk
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