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  • Current Status:  Recording a brand new full length album. Stay tuned!
  • Band Name:  CHILD ON FIRE
  • Genre:  Hard Rock
  • About Us & History:  We are all extra-terrestrial souls thrust into the heartland of Wisconsin at the same time/space nexus. Due to sheer synchronicity our paths intersected long ago to provide us with the unique opportunity to hone and combine our skills in unison to form the music project which has come to be known as CHILD ON FIRE.

    We cannot simply call ourselves ROCK or METAL or ALTERNATIVE or what have you, because we are a strange twist of all of these things. When it comes to our musical sound, we use strings to bring about the tones needed to deliver what can only be termed as "mad riffage." When it comes to the percussion, one must hold on tight because the beats that are cast into our tunes will surely beat you up and throw you into the core of Saturn without a moment's hesitation. And when it comes to our lyrics and vocal delivery, one will find great expansion in singing along and understanding the consciousness-driven and soul-sparking vocal lines that overlay these tunes.

    Since we four have chosen to heal this ravaged planet we have woke upon through raising her vibration through the utilization of the exercise known as LIGHTWORK, we do so through creating, recording, performing and delivering our fellow humans song after song of pure, TRUTH-ridden energy.

    It is not by coincidence that you are reading this. You too must open up to the fact that a transcendental light does in fact exist at the end of the tunnel. And you can reach it by simply remembering how to embrace your child-like nature and follow the fire that burns within your heart of hearts.

    Come now.

    Play with us now and forever in the love and light of infinity.

    [COF.GAIA-LOG: 1421 hrs.08.11.11]
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  • Date:2012-07-13 10:54:47         
  • The VIDEO stuff on this site doesn't seem to allow us to post anything, so follow this link to see CHILD ON FIRE's new music video for their song "People In Wisconsin Get Along Better When The Packers Win"... – REPLY >
  • Date:2012-02-15 10:27:37         
  • Hey guys, welcome to the site, we really like your track! You should share some more on here, there's a lot of opportunities throughout our site and free rankings where you can get your tracks promoted by us in our magazine, newsletters and promotion networks that we are involved with. This is just the beginning to the possibilities, but for us to help promote you, we need to have some more media, songs, vids, pics? Take care for now, we'll be looking for some new stuff from you guys :) – REPLY >


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