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  • Artist Name:  Convulsic
  • Genre:  Electronic
  • About & History:  Has your playlist become blah and got you all down? No worries… there’s a cure for your depression! It is called “Electro-Convulsic Therapy.” The man with the medicine is Erik Hale, a San Diego based dubstep artist and producer. With Erik’s creative perfection and passion, he’s quickly evolved into “Convulsic.” His amped-up meld of dubstep and trance works directly on your brain, which will never be the same.
    Erik’s musical style developed quite differently than the typical electronic musician, as he explains, “I was initially into bands like Metallica, The Offspring, and even Tom Petty.” This early fascination with hard rock led Hale to take up guitar and keyboards and teach himself to play. “I think my early work with the guitar and piano was a big influence on my musical development,” He continues, “Working with instruments gave me a better ability to arrange and orchestrate my electronic compositions.” However, to see just how Erik Hale became Convulsic, you have to take a step back to understand how deep his love is for the craft of music.
    “I remember hearing some techno remixes of Mario Brothers and Zelda game music, and I was amazed,” offers Erik. By the time he was twelve, he was already playing in bands and heavily influenced by the genres of reggae and punk. He has been on stage ever since; it is only the genres that have changed. Once he heard groups like Pendulum and Skrillex; he was hooked forever on Electronic Dance Music and started to morph into the electronic musician he is today - Convulsic.
    By 2012, Convulsic was ready to release his first single; “Lava Lamp” and it immediately scored him a single licensing deal with an independent underground label. His debut EP Syndrome spread more like a pandemic throughout the rest of the year. The tracks on Syndrome infected listeners with their incredible attention to the arrangement and musical phrasing of the tracks. His detailed soundscapes throughout Syndrome are heard clearly in the bass and synth collisions in songs such as “Deconstruct” and “Electric Dum Dums.” Page | 1
    In 2014, Convulsic followed up the incredible success of Syndrome with another equally - if not more developed - example of his own stylistic evolution with Love Space. “Within Love Space, I wanted to tone-down some of the gaming influence and increase the emotive feel and high-intensity bass with a touch of trance,” offers Convulsic. Love Space would quickly rise on the charts, gleaning number eight on’s Next Big Sound Chart for trending artists. During 2014, the attention from the album quickly catapulted Convulsic to number one on the global dubstep charts on
    Convulsic has been called dubstep’s breakthrough artist of 2014, but what lies ahead for this amazing artist is just as enticing. In addition to another new EP release, he will soon be featured in EDM World and XXL Magazine, both highly respected music publications. In July, Convulsic will perform in front of his biggest audience yet, opening for the renowned Zomboy as part of The Outbreak Tour at the home of San Diego’s loudest sound system at Somewhere Loud.
    For Convulsic, it’s all about syncopation, and orchestration – and not just in his music – but in how he reacts with fans, and fellow artists. He makes a point to interact with each and every fan or fellow artist on a positive and personal basis whenever possible - even on social media. He sums it up best, “Every person that connects with me about my music lifts me up... it is what I thrive on.”
    Some musicians chase trends, Convulsic sets trends. Put a midi controller and a turntable in front of him, and you can see why in two short years he has incinerated the dubstep charts. So maybe your Syndrome can be treated? Maybe you can learn to Love Space and your surroundings again. You just need a little ECT via EDM, let’s call it “Electro-Convulsic Therapy.” Convulsic has the cure, so just strap yourself in, ‘cause your brain will never be the same.
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