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  • Current Status:  Just released new album '225mg'
  • Artist Name:  Doobie wainwright
  • Genre:  Alternative
  • About & History:  I am Doobie Wainwright, although I am also Chris and I live in Cheltenham and I now make all my music on an old PC, with some rudimentary software and an iphone to record vocals and the odd bits of guitar. I build the chords as I go, I find old bits of lyrics or write new ones and then figure out a melody. I start with nothing and never know what I will end up with.
    This all started as a home project born out of remixing any tune I could find, to learn the software I needed to make all the music myself. I could never quite make a band stick, and I wanted to create all the elements myself for better or worse. After a year, and sure i had it, I turned to my own songs. I wanted a set of melodic, edgy tunes that bounced out of my headphones. I keep reaching new highs, but they're personal highs, more dependant on my feeling of where the music is going than recognition. I want people to hear and share my music, but I have been doing this for twenty odd years and now the only real buzz I get I get is the creating. I am now ready to let you love it or not, either is fine. The creation of new music is a beautiful thing that can only be spoiled by thinking you are the one they missed.
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