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  • Band Name:  Fatal Instinct
  • Genre:  Metal
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    Arising from the depths of langley B.C’s prestigious Bible Belt is FATAL INSTINCT, a band that can only be described as being conceived by the ideals of creating a “Neoteric Sound”. Disregarded are the thoughts and audible formations of the 20th Centuries Lack of ... or for better terms “Disappointment of today’s Musical taste of Metal.

    Formed in march 2012 founding members Scott Aquino on Drums and vocalist James Buhs (both x-Devil’s Tower), they look upon creating music without limits and rules. In the pre writing stage of the bands existence “FI” acquire Guitarist Steve “Machine” (x- Cornucopia / Death Match Union / Bif Naked). Together they commence the creation of some of the most distinctive, technical instrumental style and dense, intricate passages yet to be arranged in music today. Politics, war, addiction, personal relationships all weigh heavy lyrically and Epic choruses are sure to arouse the listener in a gang style shouting match. According to James... “FATAL INSTINCT” represents the wrong choices in life, the temptation, greed... BUT to learn from those decisions and to strive in persistence.

    Entering the cage match in mid 2012 is bassist Chris Campbell (The Mighty One) bringing to the table an immense forte of arrangement and tonality flair. Thru the writing process the band has become very compliant in creating explosive arrangements and shredding passages. The more infused with a grace to over-achieve they become as a writing force... the more they have leave out the stagnant and much “TYPICAL” Metal-Esq clichés that we have all known to hate.

    Currently the band is working on its first full length album. During this process “FI” is filming the creation of the bands album and rise from the dust to a full Wreckning force. Youtube is fathering all video posts. Pre buzz for the band is a few radio interview as well as its 1st with “68 Radio” out of San Diego California, being invited to play summer festivals in the states and is currently designing new merchandise. We are a diy (Do It Yourself) band, not taking NO for an answer, being all seasoned veterans of the metal world and a number of successes to their names, this band is going hard.

  • Our Website:  https://www.facebook.com/fatalmusic666
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