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  • About & History:  TR RECORDS/G-STATUS PRODUCTIONS G-STATUS: BIRTH NAME – TIMOTHY JASON STEPHENS BIRTH PLACE – AUGUSTA, GA HOMETOWN – ATLANTA, GA DATE OF BIRTH – DECEMBER 16, 1985 ALIASES – G-STAT, STAT, G, STATUS, G-STATICAL, MR. 1985 “A man after God’s own heart”. This young man has been gifted in many areas including playing instruments, singing, writing, rapping, dancing, producing and engineering. Although being only 24 years old, G-Status has matured quickly not only in his physical life, but spiritually as well. This young man is no stranger to the music industry. After doing R&B for so many years, he’s run into many artists in the Atlanta area both Mainstream and Underground. But realizing that there was more to life, he gave his life and music back to Christ at the age of 20 years old. In late October of 2006, G-Status decided to step out on faith and start his own record label. After days of consulting with his managers and praying, the names TR Records and G-Status Productions were brought to the table and were agreed upon by vote of the round table. TR Records stands for True Remnant Records, and G-status Productions is a spin-off off of his stage name G-Status. G-Status has also been criticized for choosing the name G-Status. It has a “street type” sound to it, but it means more than what most may think. Whereas in the streets, G-Status means “Gangster Status”, he took it and flipped it and turned it into a good thing. G-Status states that the “G” stands for anything positive that has to deal with God; i.e. Gospel, Great, Good, etc. After reading the Bible furthermore, G-Status stumbled upon a man in the Bible named Gideon. After reading the book of Judges Chapter 6- Chapter 8, he decided that he would use that as an alternative. After looking at Gideon’s life, and calling, and tying it into his own, the calling was similar. Gideon was “One against many”, so is G-Status. The young man also says he has a passion for kids and the block. He doesn’t want to see people make the mistakes he made when he was in the streets. After having a conversation with one of his artists and label mates’, St. Will, he came up with a motto which states, “Get Right or Get Left”. Simply saying, choose life or death, choose Christ or choose Satan, choose Heaven or Hell. To find out more about G-Status log on to www.gstatus.net and www.myspace.com/gstatus85 . For Booking, please contact Diane Stephens at 404-663-4853. The young man not only ministers through song, but also in word.
  • Website:  www.gstatus.net
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  • Date:2010-07-31 20:26:22         
  • Hey I really like your sound!! and your song has such a good meaning behind it and I am so glad that you can incorporate your spirituality in your music!!! do you have any more tracks you could upload?? Id love to hear more!! – REPLY >


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