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  • About & History:  I appreciate everyone who has let me jam to their songs and place them on my profile. I'm interested in more in depth collaboration work with Rap artists but I am always more than happy to drop a quick jam on something for you.........If you are looking for a different sound.......I'm def. different.

    Not looking to make any cash or anything. I just like to jam along to a bad ass song. I would be interested in paid sessions for songs that will be released commercially. If anyone is that desperate? I post collaborations to my profile but do not use them for any other purpose......Just lettin' you guys know.
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  • Date:2013-02-23 19:27:47         
  • Hey John! How you been? Hope all is well, would love to hear some new tunes... – REPLY >
  • Date:2011-03-08 20:13:21         
  • awesome! can't wait to hear it! and glad things r lookin up man :) – REPLY >
  • Date:2011-03-08 19:35:26         
  • I'll be posting new stuff soon hopefully. I got a lot of projects going on. Things are lookin' up!!!! – REPLY >
  • Date:2011-03-08 18:56:04         
  • i hope you get back to the music again soon too! there's plenty of artists looking to collaborate – REPLY >
  • Date:2011-02-04 19:20:05         
  • I been focusing on other things besides the music lately.....Hopefully I'll be back on it soon!..... I haven't forgot about ya 300....... – REPLY >
  • Date:2011-01-02 16:41:33         
  • hey whats up we jus got on this site really like it too whats up wit the collaboration how can we go about that. we would love to hear what u can do to one of our tracks – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-12-10 14:00:12         
  • Hey John, I noticed Myouzickman on the site is looking for someone to collaborate with and you both play the guitar so I thought there might be a good vibe there, I see you two are friends so I'm not sure if you've been in contact at all, but if so that's great. Just figured I'd shoot you a little heads up if you didn't notice.

     – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-11-09 13:12:31         
  • What's up John? How's the collaboration coming along? Hopefully well... We're looking into creating a collaboration portal in the very near future here which I really think you would benefit from as well as other artists to collaborate over the net right from your computer. Stay tuned for some upcoming developments. Also, I'm not sure on your recording setup but we have a very good affiliate that is providing 25% off their services for online recording and mastering of tracks either onto CDs or made digital for you to sell. If you want to know more about it let me know. Take care man! – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-10-04 22:01:23         
  • made it in the newsletter and magazine again! for your collaboration work and being an active member! uve become kind of a staple in our magazine lol  – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-09-22 09:44:14         
  • collab?? im lookin for a heavy electric guitar sound with a hard rap beat " ideas of a song about reaching your goals uk what im sayin lets collab!! check me out ul see what kinda flow im doin, lovin waht your doin my only fear is legit!!  – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-09-20 19:25:07         
  • Glad you like it Trump. It's a cool track to jam to man. – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-09-19 01:07:05         
  • Lovin what you did to My Only Fear! – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-09-18 13:38:06         
  • Hey John, hope all is well with you. Just letting you know we are starting to push for more collaboration work to be done on MuzicNotez! We just setup a new feature where we can start to collectively categorize artists and bands that are seeking collaboration. Just edit your profile and tick the collaboration drop down to 'yes' and you'll appear in our new tab on our backstage area. That way you can directly see who might be looking for some outside collaboration. Might help you find more people. Have a good one. – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-09-17 08:24:00         
  • bro check the music and see if theres anything you'd like to jam too, I like what you did with PGFIR! – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-09-03 16:51:17         
  • Hey dude, love the site, thanks for sharing, i put up a coupleold songs of mine, pretty rough, but ideas, will see what else i can come up with. hopefully somethng in time the whole way through this time, lol. – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-09-02 20:37:16         
  • thanks mayne – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-09-01 23:22:28         
  • Hey John, I don't know if you've noticed but it looks like Lou might be looking for collaborating as well as Paul Donahue, you should check them out! – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-08-28 03:28:37         
  • Is the World ready for this Lou Barrett Tune "Always" uuummmm..............  – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-08-25 13:20:09         
  • lol good call John! The next round is Rap and Hip Hop, and he will be one of the contestants in it!  – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-08-25 13:12:47         
  • Great idea about the portal Mike. I'll be looking forward to checkin' it out. Tell me David James will be in the next battle......? I'm enjoying the hell out of that dudes music.  – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-08-25 11:24:23         
  • Hey John Reid! Great additions you posted recently, love the sound you have going for yourself. Also congratulations on reaching Garage BAND! You have been added to our rotating promo spots on our music page and will also be having some snippets about you featured in our new magazine posting and newsletter which is coming out sometime next week so stay tuned. You also have been qualified to be included in our promotional offers, an interview, as well as a possible wild card spot in our battles. Some other great promotions are coming really really soon here! We really like your collaboration ideas too, we will be releasing a new portal in the future that will allow for much easier collaboration too. Sorry for the length, we have a lot to say! – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-08-13 00:14:53         
  • Hey John, hope all is well with you! Just want to let you know that you are only 4 more points away from becoming a garage band member where you can get an interview with our magazine affiliate to promote your interest in other genres and collaborations. It also opens the door to more promotion throughout our most traffic'd subpages, etc. You need either a few more audios, favorite or your own YouTube or personal videos, or some new image galleries. Just wanted to stop by!  – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-08-08 20:09:40         
  • Thanks for the comments! I love just messing around on my guitar so it makes practicing lots of fun :) And I listened to your songs Id say your pretty awesome and shows practicing pays off!! :) – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-08-03 07:55:36         
  • Go Mississippi! Great tunes here. – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-08-03 02:10:22         
  • hmm... maybe it went to ur junk mail folder? it should b emailed to all MuzicNotez members lol but here's a link to it as well – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-08-03 02:05:13         
  • I didn't actually get the news letter. Sign me up me man. – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-08-03 01:17:18         
  • did you see your in our newsletter sent out today? there is an article written about your collaboration on MuzicNotez and your profiles featured for being one of the most active members last month! congrats! – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-07-31 19:52:14         
  • Yea I've been attempting to teach myself and so far its been an adventure! lol its hard because I don't know exactly what every chord is suppose to sound like so I dont really know if I'm even playing it right lol My boyfriend Mike plays the guitar and is really good so I hope to have him teach me alot- its just hard finding the time to sit down and do it. How did you first learn to play??  – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-07-26 08:43:20         
  • Your audio tracks rock! I want to hear you in your own band so you can really explore!! I play guitar by ear as well, (lead guitarist in Roll Out The Guns).  – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-07-23 17:19:35         
  • There's plenty of artists that would be interested in your work. I'll look into it and let you know. – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-07-23 12:29:57         
  • Glad you liked it man. Can't wait to hear it. – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-07-23 07:27:46         
  • I like what you did on the track. I originally wanted to put a skit at the end of the song and I think I might do that today. I did a little rearranging and mixing and the track sounds real good I'll let you know when I put it up. – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-07-19 19:39:46         
  • Hey its nice to meet you too! Im loving your sound!! you are really good!! I just bought my first guitar and am very excited to learn how to play!! =) – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-07-17 01:14:58         
  • Thanks for adding me Lou and the compliments are always what keeps me going too. I'll be looking forward to more tracks. – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-07-16 23:56:03         
  • Thanks for listening !! I'm really stoked that you enjoyed the tune And thanks for the feedback it's what keeps me going .... Keep checking the site as I will be posting some new tunes very soon ... Rock on !!!!

    P.S. Low E Kicks ass And I thought Forever would be a lot longer ....... LOL  Your Guitar playing is exceptional

    but you Knew that... Absolutly Great Technique !!!! Kudos ..... I'm adding you to my friends list !!!!

     – REPLY >


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