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  • Current Status:  Checking out my music @ <br /><br /><br /> newkirk jr <br /><br /><br /><br />
  • Artist Name:  Johnnie Newkirk Jr
  • Genre:  R and B
  • About & History:  I am the President/Founder of NewCharles Entertainment. I am a businessman, author, composer, producer, designer, inventor, and activist
  • Website:
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  • Date:2011-11-14 11:02:04         
  • Sounds great! Glad that you are continuing your music... When it becomes available you should upload it to MuzicNotez so we can see it and promote it. Don't forget, once you become a garage band member (click your aspiring image below your display picture to see how to get there) you'll then qualify for an interview, to be included in our music battle selections and more! – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-05-01 15:42:14         
  • Hey Johnnie Newkirk JR, how have things been going? I checked out your website the other day and didn't realize you promoted some r and b and rap artists on your label.  How many artists do you have on it?  I'd be real interested to learn a little more about how things are going with you.  Hit me up when you get a chance.

     – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-13 17:13:06         
  • You're very welcome, we are always looking promote great talents! There are many things in the hopper for our site including some great new features in the coming week, stay tuned. In the meantime you should upload a display pic for your profile so as we promote you, we have some imagery to go with it! Take care.

     – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-13 14:25:34         
  • Haha! You have some great songs, quite unique and obscure lol. Keep them coming! – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-11 22:43:47         
  • Welcome to MuzicNotez! like the tunes! How'd ya hear of us?  – REPLY >


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