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  • Artist Name:  Mizai
  • Genre:  Rap and Hip Hop
  • About & History:  Even in an industry teeming with performers, Xavier Tatum is unique.

    A native of Opelika, AL, born February 7, 1986, he is a firebrand of originality. As the consummate performer, up-and-coming producer and songwriter, Xavier continues to push the limits of conformity and plateau to new heights with his craft, creating several new and distinct sounds of Rap and Hip-Hop.

    After honing his craft and establishing a base within his community doing shows at several clubs, showcases, and sponsored events, Xavier further widened his horizon with his Myspace page, garnering a new and diverse following for his musical creations, and videos.

    Xavier uses several commercial programs; that are self taught, to continually create his musical odysseys and pages from his own life experiences to put lyrical continuity to the original musical compositions he derives. All of this suggests that Xavier Tatum isn't an artist that you can file easily into any one category.

    To try and describe Xavier's style one could say, laid back, with a slow burning urban fire. Some of his influences include mega greats like, T.I., Young Jeezy, T-Pain, and Plies. Xavier is unpredictable when it comes to where he might go musically, but surprisingly satisfying in transforming the status quo of the Hip-Hop game.
  • Website:  www.t3touch.net
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