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  • Current Status:  Mr. Deagun Jones to showcase in Nashville on May 28th!!!!
  • Band Name:  Mr Deagun Jones
  • Genre:  Rock
  • About Us & History:  Mr. Deagun Jones is a cutting edge mix of the old and the new. Our Music is heavily influenced by many blues, classic rock, country, and 70's R&B bands, but yet also has the strong crossover appeal of bands like Shinedown, The Black Keys, Maroon 5 and today's country music. We sum up our music in the phrases "Blues, Rock, and Fist Fights" and "Gasoline Chuggin Blues Rock With Loud Pipes". Our songs are blue collar stories for working class people. Lyrically MR. DEAGUN JONES strives to weave images of the hotrod and motorcycle life styles, tattoos, Wild West gambling, beautiful women, the live fast die young mentality, hard luck, and daily struggles against the hand of the devil, all into a portrait of the modern American musical landscape.

    You have now entered The House of Boogie ……..Mr. Deagun Jones set list and energetic live show includes up to three hours of material drawing from our over 30 original songs, a full set of blues, an unplugged acoustic set, or even a full night of covers if need be. With a cover song set that includes material from The Allman Brothers, Leann Rimes, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Incubus, Alice In Chains, Joe Bonamassa, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and even Cee Lo Green, we are ready to play any venue, with any band, at any time. Our live gigs have even been known to occasionally include a three piece horn section, backup soul singers, keyboards, an electric fiddle, and many other guest musicians. We always give our blood and our soul to our fans at every performance, because they are our greatest asset.

    With four experienced veterans of the Milwaukee music scene, MR. DEAGUN JONES is ready to bring our music to the masses. We don’t follow trends, we create them. We don’t cross bridges, we burn them down. We have created a sound, and there isn’t anyone else out there doing what we do. MR. DEAGUN JONES is a throwback style Rock n Roll band…. hardworking, dedicated, and not afraid to do whatever it takes to promote our shows and our music. We make no bones about it, we are ready for bigger and better things, and will do whatever it takes to make that happen, all while keeping our eye on the goal of label representation and touring. With the recent release of our first full length album “CHEAT, STEAL, and LIE” we believe we are poised to do just that. Until then, we will continue to play any concert hall, pool hall, street corner, or jail cell that will have us. So, kick up your boots, pour yourself another shot of whiskey, and take a listen to some of the Milwaukee Style Blues Rock that we have posted below ……. and enjoy the heartache

    "Painters paint their pictures on canvas, musicians paint their pictures on silence"
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  • Date:2012-04-03 19:53:59         
  • congrats on the show coming up in Nashville! sounds like that'll b a kickass time! – REPLY >
  • Date:2012-04-02 07:59:37         
  • Mr. Deagun Jones is happy to be playing an invite only industry showcase in Nashville TN on May 28th!!!!!! – REPLY >
  • Date:2012-03-03 12:44:06         
  • Welcome to MuzicNotez! Thanks for joining us :) Once you have your profile all set up and songs uploaded, be sure to let us know which track you would like us to promote in our next magazine issue – REPLY >


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