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  • Current Status:  New videos up! Check them out on youtube..
  • Artist Name:  Phresh LaRosa
  • Genre:  Rap and Hip Hop
  • About & History:  Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA., Phresh LaRosa learned about hustling, music, and working hard at a young age from the rough surroundings in Pittsburgh.

    This has molded Phresh into a strong individual, and gave him the necessary experience to share the struggles of what many people face. After his initial dream of college didn't materialize, he rediscovered his passion for hip-hop . With his eyes clearly set on his new goal, he began laying out the foundation for his success by performing shows throughout Pittsburgh and spending all of his time in the recording studio.

    Coming from a city that has produced super stars producers, Mel-Man and hip-hop artist likes of Wiz Khalifa. PIXBURGH is famous for its unique lifestyle,unique look and unique sound. Phresh LaRosa embodies what many Pittsburgh fans love, while at the same time displaying a versatility that makes him appealing to hip-hop and rap fans across the world.

    Phresh has the charisma, the lyrics and the strong stage presence, that is combined with his ability to craft stories about a wide array of subjects, this has earned the young rapper the respect of fans around the world and caused the industry to take notice, and has produced a sizable buzz in the Mid-Altantic region.
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  • Date:2010-12-15 16:37:50         
  • Whatup man?! wanna do an interview with us? it'd b posted in our magazine... check out the other magazine interviews if you'd like to see what it's like. hit me up if ur game – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-11-09 12:26:21         
  • Hey Phresh LaRosa, thanks for joining MuzicNotez and submitting some great tracks! Glad to see you reached Garage Band level, you now qualify for an interview within our online magazine as well as now gaining access into our pool for other promotional offers including a rotating ad showing on our sub site pages for maximum promotion. As you continue to grow more and increase your rankings you'll receive a lot more great benefits such as headliner radio, battles inclusion which includes giveaways for online recording time and ads in a print magazine that circulates the east coast! There are many more great features and promos available and on the way. If you have questions about them or would like to learn more, feel free to contact me or simply click the image that appears to the right of the 'Current Rank' area which shows right below your display picture. Take care and can't wait to checkout some more great tracks here on MuzicNotez! – REPLY >


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