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  • Artist Name:  Pressdon
  • Genre:  Rap and Hip Hop
  • About & History:  Hailing from Akron, Ohio comes a talented unique artist known as Pressdon. Since age 13, Pressdon found his escape through writing. Ever since, he has been perfecting his craft; transforming into the "beast on the beats" that you hear today. He has exploded on to the scene with catchy tracks like "3 Today" , "Leanin in the Coupe" and the most popular "Galaxy", a single from the Fantasy Island Album which was awarded top honors at the 2012 Ohio hip-hop Awards for Album of the Year. Pressdon is currently working on his second mixtape and third studio album “Living Legend” due out this summer. Back in 2005, Pressdon was in a group called Blaze it up mafia with Major Hustle Ent. The group released a mixtape called The Biocumentery and that summer opened up for Young Jeezy on his Thug Motivation 101 tour.

    Through out Pressdon's life, he has witnessed a lot far as growing up in the streets and teaching himself how to survive when there was no one to turn to. With his gift with words he writes out how life was and is for him now. Of course he raps about the good side of things in life, but he also raps about coming up in a crooked world and how he tries to overcome his dope boy ambitions to become a better person. Pressdon says "when you come from a life of crime and have the chance to pass a message, at least try to make it a positive one".

    Some people tell their story to make themselves look like they are somebody they are not but Pressdon is here to tell his story to change lives. In 2008 Pressdon released his first independent album called The Underworld, then in 2011 he started his own record label (Don Royal Entertainment) and joined with Allen B Enterainment to release the album "Fantasy Island". His last mixtape "The One And Only" was just released the end of 2013. Pressdon is currently working on his second mixtape and third studio album “Living Legend” due out this summer with the single "So Terrific". Pressdon has a variety of music to experience. With his ambition to put his self on, Pressdon may just become one of the greatest in the game.

  • Website:  WWW.PRESSDON.COM
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