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  • Artist Name:  RichSoFresh
  • Genre:  Rap and Hip Hop
  • About & History:  Richard Seeram aka RichSoFresh, was born on April 7, 1991 in Bronx, New York during the peak of the hip hop era. At the age of 17, RichSoFresh began pursuing rap, although it wasn't originally a career choice for him at the time. Intrigued by words and the magnetic power they possess, RichSoFresh began writing by extensively journaling the events in his life on a daily basis back when he was in middle school.
    Transitioning into high school, his gift only became more concrete as RichSoFresh's ability to formulate words was evident by the enthusiasm he entailed when it came to writing papers. RichSoFresh didn't choose rap, but instead rap chose him. Admiring the likes of Jay-Z and Lil Wayne, RichSoFresh was determined to conquer rap by any means. He started implementing his lyrical talent at several spoken word events, and his name began circulating throughout the community.
    RichSoFresh enrolled in college and majored in liberal arts, while working part-time. After no longer taking an interest in liberal arts, RichSoFresh sustained full-time employment, and continued to stay dedicated to making music by focusing diligently on his craft despite the doubt of others. Heavily inspired, he went to “The Institute Of Audio Research” to further fulfill his passion for music. It was there that he took full advantage of the studio, and successfully recorded his first two tracks entitled “Go Hard” and “Take It” (Prod. by NetherBeats) which enabled him to develop a small buzz and dedicated fan base.
    In June 2015, RichSoFresh was featured in the Freshman Class 2015 summer issue of XXL MAGAZINE (page 63 upper right hand corner) and his EP entitled “Set In Stone,” was released on June 4, 2015. Staying on his grind, in July 2015, RichSoFresh submitted one of his songs to Rude Boy Magazine and Rude Boy Clothing Brand, two separate companies who have joined together in a partnership to offer exclusive sponsorships to selected artists around the world. Recognizing his undoubtable talent, RichSoFresh was one of the artists chosen to be sponsored by the company. RichSoFresh was also featured on the “Next Up Mixtape Volume 295,” and the “We Workin Mixtape Volume 197,” with his debut song: “Being Kool”. RichSoFresh was also prominent in his first ever blog on the website. Currently, RichSoFresh resides in Brooklyn, and is working on his highly anticipated album due for release in 2016, and he has a new video that is Heat Of The Week at Stay tuned for upcoming projects, features, and debut releases from RichSoFresh. Want to know more about RichSoFresh? Go to For all booking inquiries please contact RichSoFresh at
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