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  • Artist Name:  Sabrina Sabrok
  • Genre:  Rock
  • About & History:  Actually Working on a New Music CD "Rotten Mindx".

    Tour in Europe, Mexico, The United States & Sudamerica on promotion of my CDs "Jugando Con Sangre" & "Antisocial" with my New Musical Show, the most wild & hardcore show nowadays, with musicians & porn actress on scene.

    Vocals of "Sabrina Sabrok Band" (aka "Primeras Impresiones"), a Punk-Hardcore Band founded in 1996, first into the electric-punk with sadomasochist performances with actors on the stage. Marilyn Manson support band on the Velez Stadium (Argentina) on September of 1997. The band incorporates more band members evolving into more complex stage shows, with several tours on Chile, Brasil & Argentina, then moved to Mexico City & did tours all over the country & The United States (Los Angeles, Miami...), Mexico City (Palacio de los Deportes, Magdalena Mixuca Stadium, Foro Sol, National Kick Boxing Championship, World Trade Center, Bulldog, El Bulbo, etc.), also on television on Canal Mexiquense, Canal 22, Much Music & MTV with our Video Clip & fourth Record "Sodomizado estas".

    "Sabrina Sabrok" has a very hard (nocive) songwritting & outlandish look like the S&M esthetic & the lyrics have a double meaning. The S&M rage can be interpretated as a social protest!

    "Sabrina Sabrok" was consolidated her career in Mexico, her beginning was in Argentina, she studied musical culture, she graduated as a teacher and was teaching in secondary schools in Buenos Aires, while working as advertising model and actress in several television shows in Argentina, in 1996 formed her Industrial Rock band "Primeras Impresiones", combining Punk music with dance arrangements and sado performance.

    In September 1997 they were support band for Marilyn Manson in the Velez Stadium (Argentina). In 1998 the band had a radical change, they music evolved and became more complex and heavy, without losing the original roots, the band recorded four independent CDs (Primeras Impresiones I, II, III, and IV). Sabrina Sabrok decided to expand their horizons, she was making tours South America, USA and then went to live in Mexico City and she toured around the country.

    They repertoire highly aggressive, the quirky looks of its members and its high-performance sadomasochistic sexual content, led them to present their show in all sorts of events, including: concerts (Palacio de los Deportes, Autodromo Magdalena Mixuca "Foro Sol", World Trade Center, etc.), venues, discos, nightclubs, sex expos as well as main television shows around the world.

    In 2002 Sabrina Sabrok began working on Televisa Mexico, joining the cast of the comedy show "La Hora Pico", at that time the band takes a break after recording they cd number V, "Sodomizado Estas". At the same time Sabrina Sabrok is presented on main Mexican television shows, remains the most controversial and contentious woman's mid-show for her bold statements and break all the stereotypes, she draw the attention of many media around the world, particularly in Mexico, USA. and Spain, achieving high ratings in each program taht she was presented.

    In July 2003, Sabrina Sabrok is the celebrity on the cover of Playboy Mexico and start doing solo performances, playing shows throughout Mexico, USA and Spain.

    In 2004, she leaves the tv show La Hora Pico, following the interview asked several television shows and live shows in Europe and South America, appearing on main television networks, clubs and all sorts of events.

    In May 2005, she participated in the Mexican reality show "Big Brother VIP" to become a finalist for the same, and in August the same year she is again the celebrity on cover of "Playboy Mexico", their horizons are expanding more and more and start doing tours and presentations in main TV shows on U.S.A, Europe, South America and Japan.

    In August 2005 she was crowned Queen of the Gay community in Mexico, in September of that year, began with her late-night TV show "Sabrina TV Show," aired on Televisa Music Channel (Telehit), was a tv show with sexual content and was broadcast in over 60 countries around the world, with this Sabrina Sabrok achieved the highest rating of Telehit, since in its program invites many famous people and puts them in compromising situations by making interviews about their sex life, the tv show was recorded in several countries around the world, giving even more internationally. because of its high rating Telehit offers to Sabrina another tv show, but in the day, called "Las Nenas De Sabrina", which features music videos of highly erotic content.
    SABRINA TV SHOW lasted four years on the air with the highest rating of Telehit (Televisa Networks), but was censured for their extreme content, is currently re-transmitted in the U.S. and many countries around the world.

    In May 2006, Sabrina Sabrok mark her breasts and recived a star in the Paseo de las Luminarias, Mexico City, where make their mark the most famous celebrities.

    In July 2006 Sabrina was also crowned Queen of the Gay community in Spain, further bolstering her fame in that country.
    Following the high demand for her show worldwide (the most wild & hardcore show of a celebrity nowadays), Sabrina decides to release a new album, this time as a soloist and with a change in the formation of the band, Sabrina Sabrok (Voice and Guitar), Scarecrow X (Guitars, Synths, Sequences, Bass, Drums and Program), replacing the rest of the band for computer electronic sequences, and decided to record 10 covers of songs by some artists, punks and electronic arrangements, achieving Cyberpunk sounds and adding a new show with porn stars on stage, Sabrina merging the music and her controversial television career, making a show quite strong and original, full of sadomasochistic performance, lesbian show, songs with strong lyrics and even violence directed at an audience that is always looking for the most extreme stuff.

    Sabrina Sabrok is currently on tour with her albums "Jugando Con Sangre" (Playing With Blood) and "Antisocial E.P."
    While Sabrina is recording her new album, along with her husband Scarecrow X, the CD will be titled "ROTTEN MINDX", making the production of her new TV show "SABRINA SABROK TV SHOW" (SABRINA SABROK PRODUCTIONS), and then she will made to a new worldwide tour that beginning in Europe, Japan, USA and Latin America.

    2012 - New single REBEL YELL in one week to appears on Top 40 of European rock radio stations is in the first position, over the most important rock bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Rammstein, Korn, Jane's Addiction, Nine Inch Nails, Biohazard, Alice Cooper, etc.

    Sabrina Sabrok received The Gold Luminaire in "Plaza Galerias De Las Estrellas" (Mexican Hollywood) for being the Rock Singer with more projection in Europe.
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