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  • Current Status:  We haven't been too active lately, sorry! Hopefully you'll forgive us once we start posting on the website again!
  • About Me:  We're a group dedicated to giving bands free promotion they deserve. Just honest people living for music, not money. startsomethingpromotions.com
  • Interests:  Going to shows, promoting your band, going on tour
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  • Favorite Music:  Adalie, Boys Will Be Boys, A Lifelike Story, The Life I Lead, Brave Citizens, The Victory Drive, Ivoryline, Chandeliers, I Am Alpha and Omega, The Dialogue, and more :]
  • Website:  startsomethingpromotions.com
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  • Date:2010-08-13 12:48:50         
  • Things are going great! We have some great bands and artists on the up and up here at MuzicNotez and are continually growing. We are also in the process of creating a differentiated profile for promotion companies like yourself to offer more of a resume for yourselves with differentiated tools that you would need more than anyone else. Glad all is well, you should definitely post all the content you can from the previous tours, I know our members as well as myself would be interested in checking it out! – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-08-12 23:36:33         
  • Hey guys, how are things? – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-07-10 12:49:52         
  • I haven't forgotten about your email you sent yesterday to me. I'm working with my partner on some ideas based on what we discussed, I'll be hitting you up soon! – REPLY >


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