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  • Current Status:  WE ARE VINYL HIGH HOW DO YOU DO
  • Band Name:  Vinyl High
  • Genre:  Indie
  • About Us & History:  After the collapse of the previous band Concrete Violet (shocking name we know) The 3 remaining members decided to carry on making Rock n Roll music. Tom, Kain and Briggsy played a makeshift set at The Bowling Green, Stockport after the original guitarist dropped out an hour before the gig and Tom filling in on the guitar. Kain himself had only been drafted in on Bass Guitar duty the night before the gig, and Briggsy was on his second gig. Pleased with how the set went down the lads decided to carry on and thought that a new name was a must. Tom suggested Vinyl High (after a pharmaceutical night amongst a stack of vinyl records)

    The lads then spent the better part of that year tucked away in rehearsal rooms trying to craft their own unique brand of Rock n Roll, Despite barely having enough to money to afford to do so.
    They ended 2009 with their first live gigs, One at the now defunct Noise Lab, and another at Manchester's well renowned Roadhouse.

    In early 2010 the boys booked in to record their very first demo of which very few copies remain, but it was clear that they sounded unlike any other band around them. They gigged all the way through the year playing anywhere they could even mid-week graveyard shift gigs as they saw it as another chance to rehearse the songs they had at the time.

    At the start of 2011 things were really starting to move forward and the gigs got bigger and bigger. They were joined by friend Lewis Agnew on Lead Guitar and the shape of the band was starting to form. They started the year with a gig at Manchester Club Academy and played a storming set which really made people sit up and take notice. They continued the year as they had started it by playing as much as possible and making sure that everyone knew who they were.

    Midway through 2011 Lewis left the band which left the boys scratching their head as to what they were going to do.
    Kain switched over to Rythm Guitar, Tom picked up Lead Guitar duties and Briggsy as ever, played the drums like an angry Reni (and thats why we love him)
    They recruited a part time Bassist who Tom and Briggsy had met at college whilst studying music briefly, by the name of Frazer Chalmers.
    The band once again had shape and decided that they now needed a new batch of tunes and an accompanying demo. They went into a studio in Openshaw, Manchester and recorded: Can't Hang Around(Here No More), Hit List and Share the Feeling which now feature prominently in the bands set list.
    The band had planned to make their debut gig at The Roadhouse again, but after a heavy drinking session and big disagreement with the management the plug was pulled on the gig. This was a big wake up for the lads and they realised that they had to put the music before anything.
    Their actual debut gig was at a small pub in Stockport called The Town Hall Tavern where previously they had been doing small acoustic sets through friends of the band Danny Rigg and Sam Mellor.

    At the start of 2012 they once again returned to Club Academy this time as headliners, with the intent of proving that they were the absolute best around.
    They played a great set to a packed room of 350 people and everyone left knowing exactly who Vinyl High were.
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  • Really dig the track! Would love to hear more from you on here so we can further promote you :) – REPLY >


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