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  • Artist Name:  YungDeezie
  • Genre:  Indie
  • About & History:  Douglas Charles Dixon Jr, also known as YungDeezie, is a 26 year old artists from Gilmer, TX. He began writing music at the age of 12, but it has been a part of his life since as far back as he can remember. He is currently working on the upcoming solo album called "InScripted", which will be available in stores soon. YungDeezie, or Yung D for short, is signed under a small indie label known as HMH (Hustlas Make Hits) Ent.

    In the new release of his music video "Get Away", YungDeezie brings a hard flow off the first drop of the beat. Bringing back the feeling of where he grew up, referring to it as now he has a "loaf of bread, I came up from a crumb". A humble man, not having much growing up, he grinds to provide for his mother, grandmother and newborn son. Halfway through the single Narly Sheen takes the mic to lay some lyrics on us. Making the picture of his life as clear as HD, he boasts of his queen by his side and his lack of patience for anything that does not involve the money. This duo brought the heat and left everything on the table with this music video. For more music follow YungDeezie on Twitter at @903Horror.

    For more information visit:
  • Website: doug-mryung-d-dixon
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