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  • Current Status:  New Music Video "The Strange Game"
  • Artist Name:  The Strange Game
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  • About & History:  The Strange Game came about in a very strange way. I had written a single song over 30 years ago(not on this album) and after some personal very traumatic experiences I just started writing and writing and writing. I wrote over 45 songs in a year. I had barely picked up a guitar previously and whatever strange thing was happening, happened. I called a friend of mine Tim Capps who is an amazing drummer and little did I know had many other great talents that helped me produce the songs. We recorded these songs, as I guess quite a lot of people do these days on a very limited budget in a made up home studio. The quality is not professional and I apologize for that, but it was the lyrics I was trying to get across and what they expressed.
    Life is interesting, wonderful and sometimes strange.

    Ellis Cohen - From “The Strange Game”
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  • Date:2010-06-28 01:57:50         
  • yeah the artistic process is really something else. music is my life so i have a lot of respect for anybody else who makes it there life... or a big part of there life. yeah i play guitar too.. and definitely learn something new everyday on it! i would love to learn keyboard/piano as well. that's awesome that u created the song for it too, it was well done! I'm intrigued to hear these new works u have in progress, lol definitely gotta post them on MuzicNotez right away :D  – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-06-27 21:57:47         
  • yeah animation definitely gives you the ability to express anything you want in the way you want. that's awesome that you love to make music too! play any instruments? u have some awesome musical influences listed! did you make the song in the video? have any songs you created to upload to the site? glad u have time now to get in touch with your creative side again. and yeah johnny depp is the mannnn!  – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-06-27 21:40:53         
  • just read your bio... very interesting! so what do u do exactly? sounds like u don't actually make music on ur own.. but make these entertaining videos that all have music in them? what got you started on that? – REPLY >


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