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  • Date:2011-10-11 12:33:57         
  • GOOD LUCK IN THE BATTLE! 2 weeks to vote... 10 votes per IP per day... and top 2 vote getters move on – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-11-16 12:30:04         
  • Likin the trax, can't wait to checkout more! – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-11-09 12:19:12         
  • Hey Dre Tune welcome to MuzicNotez, thanks for joining! We have some great tools available here for you to continually go up our rankings and to gain more promotional offers and incentives which include magazine interviews, headliner radio, qualification into approval for our homepage battles where you can win recording time and print magazine ad inclusions and so much more. All of this is free of course, just show us what you got is all we ask! If you are confused on our rankings, you can click the image that appears next to your 'Current Rank' which shows right below your display picture on your profile. Can't wait to checkout more from you and if you need help contact me with questions. – REPLY >


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