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  • Artist Name:  Keyboard Comrade
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  • About & History:  Sent by comrade Stalin himself, Keyboard Comrade Ingvar Tiberius Jacobson enters the 9th circle of Hell, bent on slaying the Malevolent Suzerain of the Underworld. At the gates of the Devil’s Empire lay the malign servant, Cerberus. From the voids of his righteous synthesizer came forth the illustrious wyvern, Samil. Engaged in unrelenting brutality, Samil and Cerberus dance in a flurry of disharmonic chaos. In a violent paroxysm, Cerberus falls, leaving only a comatose cadaver. With gratuitous animosity, the Gates of the Infernal World of Tormented Pandemonium were forthwith desecrated at the hands of Tiberius. He flared to the throne compass, where the next desideratum awaits, though only bewilderment lingered. At the foot of the throne lay the expiring Premier of Soviet Russia; who had perished on the dominion of combat at the hands of the Prince of Darkness himself. Comrade Stalin had sent Jacobson on a hunt for the Devil’s head, though in an act of ignominy, the Lord of Djinns had taken claimed the bloody crown of the Communist Matriarch. In sudden beguilement, the infernal demon raised his damned hand that would once summon a tourbillion. The infinite demonic drudges sent Tiberius into the empty void, leaving him to corrode in immortal depletedness. All that remained of the diminished spirit was the arcane synthesizer that was once wielded by the apocryphal legend. From the barren nihility of eternal damnation, a symphony of unfathomable mysterioso resonates from the master-less harmonic apparatus. To this day that synthesizer continues to resound with the essence of his spirit, incessantly echoing the melodies that will one day slay the Prince of Darkness.
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