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  • About & History:  My name is Karyn Bonti. I am from Crystal Lake, IL. I attended McHenry County College and Columbia College of Missouri. Music has always played a big part in my life! I have performed a lot of musical theater and studied voice for many years. I studied the guitar, flute, and piano. I wanted to create a new sound with an interesting genre combination. I think I was successful. My life reached a breaking point when I began evaluating life. I came up with several life theories and wanted desperately to share them through music and articles. I have done so and wish to do more. My Sacred Love album is an acoustic guitar and singing album. I have recently found band members and we will begin creating a new album soon! My CD Album Sacred Love is a Wiccan/Gospel and Pop/Rock album with supernatural stories and love songs. My song "Your Soul" made the Top 100 International Chart with Record World Magazine in the Gospel Genre #57: http://recordworldmagazine.com/International_Chart.html.
    Karyn Bonti's Sacred Love CD Album released to stores on April 3, 2013. Sacred Love is a Pop/Rock and Wiccan/Gospel album with supernatural stories and love songs. Sacred Love was inspired by my Positive Energy Vs. Negative Energy Theory and Good Power Vs. Bad Power Theory. My theories can be proved through studying molecular biology, biophysics, and biochemistry. My Theories support the belief of the good people being supernatural beings where we possess and release positive energy, good power and divine electricity. It is believed that we are multiple beings that forget what we are doing in multiple places. We have pain and forgetting intensities from the demons possessing and releasing negative energy and bad power. One day, we shall have no pain or forgetting ever again. Also, Sacred Love was inspired by religions. I have studied many different religions and have begun to create a new personal religion I call Goddeityess Religion. It is the belief that some of the good people are Gods and Goddesses. The other good people are gods and goddesses. My song Your Soul cover these theories very well. Your Soul made it to the Record World Magazine International Top 100 Music Chart in the Gospel Genre as #57. Please check out Your Soul on this chart. It is #57 in Gospel- http://recordworldmagazine.com/International_Chart.html

    Sacred Love has many stories about my life when I found true love. Powerful unbreakable love that will never be forgotten again! It is my belief that good people have found their loves! Sacred love has been believed by people for ages. Sting has a album called Sacred Love and he has a song on the album called Sacred Love. He says at the beginning of the video, "I believe in Sacred Love." The good people's love is sacred.
  • Website:  karynbonti.org
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