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  • Current Status:  Shooting the cover art for Less Than Three soon; scouting locations now.
  • Artist Name:  Nikole Elliot
  • Genre:  Indie
  • About & History:  NITRO has spent four years learning guitar, writing songs, and living her dreams. Sense 2006, shes been determined that she will make it. She's got a plan and a vision. She's on her way to the top. Her end goal is not fame. She's said time and time again, "I don't want fame, but if it comes with what I'm doing, I won't become consumed in it." She's got a fanbase of about 200, from all over the world. She wants the chance to preform for millions, and record with some of the artists that have inspired her through this journey. All she's asking for is a chance.
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  • Date:2011-01-15 18:09:35         
  • Love your music! you really got talent and a great voice keep it up,...Just get your music out there. – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-12-30 12:07:56         
  • Nikoleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Hope all is going well for you and your music, keep us posted on any new updates. Here's to 2011 from everyone here at MuzicNotez! – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-12-03 00:31:52         
  • Hope all has been well with you. Got any new songs? – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-09-14 14:38:57         
  • Thanks for the addition, Rock On, EH – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-07-31 20:04:50         
  • How often do you do gigs?? – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-07-27 13:34:25         
  • Hey Nicole, your username has been changed per your request. Please let me know if you have any problems at all with matching information, you should be good to go. I also approved all of your videos, thanks for uploading them! Also, feel free to embed them from our site using the 'embed' tag found on each video page to any of your social media streams to harvest some more fans! Let me know if you have problems. – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-07-20 10:24:20         
  • I can change it for you now per your request. Private message me with your email so I can notify you once it is done. I'll get this done today for you. I'm working on making it available for you to do but until then I want to make sure I get this done for you. – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-07-19 19:47:09         
  • Are you going to be able to put some of your new music on here?? I have to say there definitely is not enough amazing woman musicians!! I have just bought my first guitar and am definitely looking for some inspiration =)  – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-07-16 21:30:10         
  • You have such a beautiful voice!! I really liked ur song Broken Music Box!! – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-06-30 12:16:54         
  • That's great to hear! I'm glad that you got asked back for some more shows. You should definitely post all of that online here. We would love to check it out and promote it. You can also add some videos of your favorite bands and music artists to boost your ranking a little if you are close to that next level and want to increase your incentives and promotion. We have some great new promotions that we will be featuring in next week's newsletter that everyone will enjoy including some interview and ad placements with a sponsored magazine we have connected with MuzicNotez that lies on the east coast, but you'll learn more in the email. Can't wait to see your stuff, get a moooooove on! ;) Hope all is well. – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-06-26 12:45:10         
  • Fill us in! What videos from last night? Did you have a show? Once you increase your ranking we would love to start doing some live streaming of any live shows you might have. This would be great to gain fans from all around the states rather than just locally. Hope all is going well with you these days! – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-05-28 13:33:52         
  • wats awkward? lol – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-05-01 15:40:27         
  • You darn well better get some new songs on here soon! :D Just messin of course. But let us know when you get your new songs online. – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-28 22:07:43         
  • niccccce!!! lol that's kickass dude! but in my opinion woodstock beats all!!! the giant les paul float sounds pretty killer though, lol can't wait to see the footage! wat'd u all have on ur float for woodstock? – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-28 09:03:41         
  • Love the broken music box piece in parts it reminds me a bit of Bjork. – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-27 11:27:43         
  • Or any video for that matter? Was this the float you said you were going to record some video? :) – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-27 11:27:13         
  • that's awesome that ur woodstock float won 2nd!!! have any pics of the float to throw up?  – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-20 14:50:14         
  • I will be setting this feature up for you to be able to do it yourself within a few days. I will let you know when it is ready, it will be easier so you don't have to create a whole new one!  – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-20 10:41:22         
  • Thank you for adding us Nikole, you rock! So when's the record coming out? – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-19 11:07:44         
  • Why May? Do you record in a studio I assume? – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-16 13:14:51         
  • Good stuff. You have a great voice. Keep it up. – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-16 12:42:24         
  • - I think I emailed you before about a display picture issue. So you should have it.. – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-16 12:38:44         
  • haha there u go! just gotta show it who's boss sometimes lol – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-16 12:31:00         
  • bout time! :D haha jk, glad you got some tunes up, sounds good! u got a great voice!  – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-16 12:16:18         
  • NICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCE! What formats are they if you don't mind me asking? I assume MP3? Could you send me a different type of file through my email on ones that weren't working? I just want to make sure we don't have any problems with this going forward. :) – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-13 20:26:20         
  • Heyyyy.. I saw your post about .m4a files, I'm definitely looking into this for you! We plan to offer incentives and selling of tracks soon, so this will be a necessity.  – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-13 14:00:42         
  • hmmm... well until we add more formats... i've had a similar problem.. and i just googled "audio file conversion" and found a free program to convert my files to mp3.. i'm sure u can find something for mac... idk let me kno how that goes – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-12 02:59:59         
  • what do you think of the new bar at the bottom that we added? it's still a work in progress but a good start i think lol  – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-08 16:17:59         
  • o man that's awesome! i'm jealous of the wall! lol my mom had a crate of albums as well... and she let me have em... so i hung them on my walls in my room... a couple zeppelin... the doors, grateful dead, the white album from the beatles.. and a bunch more... i love records! i need a record player though, lol – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-08 16:00:06         
  • haha awesome! yeah i didn't get into the classics till i got older... my favs r probly... beatles, doors, hendrix, floyd n zeppelin :D too many to name lol but that's a good top 5 – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-08 14:46:37         
  • of course i kno that song, lol i'm like... obsessed wit the 60's n 70's, lol and nice! that sounds awesome! btw welcome to the crew :D  – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-08 14:26:53         
  • Thanks for joining the CREW! We have your contact information and will be communicating with you in our bi-weekly emails. From there, we want to hear your ideas about new features and things that you might like to see. As stated, I'm sure you have been noticing changes throughout the site on a continual basis, this way we can prioritize what YOU guys and gals may want! :) – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-08 14:20:49         
  • Oh indeed. We are completely aware and already have many other social media accounts setup with feeds and such. That's just another great way that we promote all of our artists, not just promoting us, it's about you, the musicians and fans. There are constant upgrades being done to the site to hoan it into what we want, including some upcoming chat features amongst live streaming and others in the very NEAR future... We are always looking for insight from our members though because instead of building something that is what we want, rather we want to construct it for YOU. If you ever have any ideas or things you might want to see, you should consider joining our MuzicNotez CREW which you can signup for on our homepage via the JOIN OUR CREW tab lit up in green. There, we are constructing a CREW where we throw new ideas around and get insight from everyone. If you feel like partaking in that, definitely join up! – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-08 14:12:41         
  • hey btw... that woodstock themed float sounds awesome! lol and the bands ur covering... NICE... that's right up my alley!  – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-08 14:12:37         
  • Kind of yes. Except we will have it on 'our' site through a channel to keep it integrated within us! Let me know more information about it when you get a chance. Maybe send me an email with all the info and we can try to get something setup for that. Then maybe if you know some people who would want to see it instead of going, they could check it out! – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-08 14:08:14         
  • We're planning on releasing some new features coming up really soon where we live stream shows and other things on our site LIVE... Do you have the ability to film that and have it on a computer with an internet connection? If so, we would love to create a channel for you and for friends or family who might not be able to attend but would actually like to view it.. Just a thought! :) – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-08 11:07:03         
  • Not too bad, how about yourself? How was that fiesta thing you were going to attend the other day? I noticed your status stated you were going to that the other night. – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-06 20:48:42         
  • haha it's quite ironic, right when we are launching and want your stuff! :) It's all good though, we can wait a little bit more... lol – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-06 20:18:46         
  • wayyyyyyyyyy to go!! lol. It's all good and entirely understandable. When do you do get your audio, let us know though! – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-06 20:15:00         
  • What did eBay do?!?! – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-06 13:31:29         
  • lol o mannn... that sucks! i'd b annoyed too!

     – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-06 00:30:07         
  • bet ur psyched to get ur screen back, lol – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-02 00:42:51         
  • lol not exactly sure why the comment you posted on my page doesn't have any text in it... but wat'd you say again?

     – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-03-31 20:53:18         
  • yup... soon as you get that laptop screen and upload some material we can begin promoting your brilliant work! lol :D

     – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-03-31 16:15:28         
  • Nice status! lol.. – REPLY >


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