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  • Interests:  drink,and play sports
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  • Favorite Music:  pearl jam,pink floyd,led zepplin,doors,chili peppers,eminem,akon,cat stevens and quite a few others!
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  • Date:2010-05-12 15:51:03         
  • bout time you get a decent profile pic up here, lol don't forget you can upload w/e youtube video's, and to go out and make friends! leave people comments and such – REPLY >
  • Date:2010-04-08 18:30:56         
  • had to delete your pearl jam song.. because we can't allow copyrighted songs to b uploaded to MuzicNotez without concent by the band... your allowed to upload anything u own though like pics... can write blogs... add friends... finish ur profile... or find any youtube video's you like and embed them with our youtube embedder... so u can find any pearl jam u like and add that instead...  – REPLY >


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