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  • Current Status:  Tons of music available on bandcamp.
  • Genre:  Ambient
  • About & History:  With A New Season Comes Change Welcome To The New Breed Of Horror Known As PERSONAL:KILLING:AGENDA.

    Shane Dunn Has Been Recording Under One Name Or Another Since 1998. In 2010 I Took On The Name PERSONAL:KILLING:AGENDA. And Since Then I Have Released Albums In Various Genres. Now In 2014 I Bring Forth Another Change. I Will Be Recording And Releasing Only Classical, Symphonic, Horror Style Music From This Point On.

    Haunting Melody's From The Depths Of Hell Itself. Enter Into A Horrific Musical Journey That Is Sure To Take You To Places You Have Never Been. This Is Easy Listening For All The Psychos, Freaks, Monsters, And Children Of The Night. This Is Your Soundtrack To Your Madness

    PERSONAL:KILLING:AGENDA Is a sound assault on the senses. It sounds like a psychotic orchestra was invaded by the Nintendo company, and then headed back in time and brutally beat down a commodore 64. With screaming guitars , powers tools, and the occasional piano help to create these crazy sounds. PERSONAL:KILLING:AGENDA Is a bastard child of many musical genres, and sounds such as 8-bit, classical, industrial, metal, soundtracks, horror movie scores, video game music, goth, dirge, experimental, sound scape, sound design, sound art, down tempo, instrumentals, ambient, doom, indie, underground, glitch, remixes, improvised, noise, & more.

    Shane Dunn started out using the name OPERATION:PSYCHO In 1998. All the music from this time frame was lost in a tragic computer crash with no backups. In 2002 he started recording what would be released under the name PSYCHOKILLERS ANONYMOUS. In 2004 the name was shortened to the abbreviation P.K.A, and 2 albums were recorded “symphonic murder music” which was a classical sounding horror style release with a few experimental noise tunes included & the album “THE NOISES INSIDE MY HEAD” continued the more experimental style. P.K.A continued to record and release numerous free albums throughout 2008 on the net label: spook core music. Fast forward to 2010, and a new love for music, and a name change to personal:killing:agenda™, the songs and sounds took on a whole different direction, and many styles were used. All of the music has been released independently. More releases and maybe some other merchandise will be released in the coming months, and years. I have recently started practicing so I can actually do a dj set of my music so hopefully I can do a few shows. ALL MUSIC ©1998-2013 PERSONAL:KILLING:AGENDA/SPOOK CORE MUSIC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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