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Now Playing:  Happy Endings Only Happen In Movies  BY:  Spies Like Us  

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  • Artist:  Spies Like Us
  • Description:  This place is full of lies Can we see through our eyes that this world is falling faster than you can see, only thing to do is fall asleep fall asleep, Im begging can we please try to repair this hellhole we have created, no one is brave to stop this you are a coward a fearsome fool we’ll watch it burn .. .. Revise this so it’s clear, we’ll use it as we go, it’s easy to remember, I hope this works .. .. Nothing seems real anymore past events fading the future I will prevail Slowly imploding we watch this world destroy itself sit there and watch Its what you’ve always done .. .. We’re watching everything we know, we’re looking for ways .. .. Major change is needed (will you just sit bac...
  • Genre:  Metal
  • Title:  Happy Endings Only Happen In Movies
  • Tags:  Spies  Like  Us  happy  endings  only  happen  in  movies  
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Date: 12-27-10
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Great sound on your recording!!!

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