groovemasta New EDM Album ‘Press Play’ Out Now!
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The EDM artist and producer from South Africa has dropped his highly anticipated new album ‘Press Play’. Featuring 5 all new unique tracks, the album is a great listen from front to back. Kicking off with the unique Indian chants in the track ‘Vision Quest’, you know you’re in for a ride. Then the album moves on to the title track ‘Press Play’ which builds to a hard hitting drop. Next is ‘The Rush’, which has a steady groove throughout. The fourth track is ‘Funky Phun’, as you would expect this track really lives up to the name. Finally the album closes out with ‘Farsical Aquadic Ceremony’, the most unique title of the album.

The album is totally free to listen to, and just by listening you help support a very talented producer and artist, of whom does everything on his own. Plus, Martin has a very cool cat named Dodge of whom has a kidney disease and needs medication. Listening to this album helps fund the help Dodge needs. Enjoy the album on Spotify below, and be sure to add it to your playlists.

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Mutlu New Album ‘Good Trouble’

Instagram: @MutluSounds
Twitter: @MutluSounds

Upon hearing the very first note of Mutlu’s album Good Trouble, an instant picture shot into my head of a fervid R&B singer stumbling into a Roaring Twenties blues club, only to proceed to completely flatten the audience with his impassioned singing. A sashey lyrical flow grants the perfect delivery as he praises the allure of life. Mutlu’s music has a certain, unplaceable charm, like a comforting old memory that resurfaces with a fresh shine to it. The song “Work for It” sets the foot tapping and the head bobbing with it’s energetic beat; conversely, “Scarred” features Mutlu singing in a gentle purr as he lightly pours his voice over tranquil guitar picking, with the lyrics ringing as particularly truthful and personal. “Not Escapable” has a unique sound driven by ukulele and persistent electric guitar chops. Good Trouble is filled to the brim with soulful music, an album that can be happily listened to as it trickles with a benevolent swagger from Mutlu’s lips to the listeners ears.

This review was written by MuzicNotez writer Samuel Weber

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Matt Westin New Country Single ‘Hey Bro’

Country artist Matt Westin is out of Pittsburgh, PA. His new release is the single ‘Hey Bro’. An homage to that best friend that is like a brother from another mother as the song goes. The one you would do anything for, thicker than thieves. There are so many love songs for that special someone in country music, about time there’s a song for your buddy!

Once again, Matt showcases his voice, proving he was born to be a country star. The MTS Records artist has climbed to the top 40 on iTunes for country music, and top 100 in Airplay Today’s country chart. He’s been named an emerging artist by Billboard Magazine, won Male Country Artist of the Year by International Music and Entertainment Association, and that’s just the beginning. Beyond his musical chops, he’s also getting into acting, landing the leading roll as country super star Johnny Cash in an upcoming movie.

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Gary Burk III New Country Single ‘You Got Me’


The Pittsburgh country artist Gary Burk III latest single is the love ballad ‘You Got Me’. This track is off his upcoming EP ‘Show Em What You Got’. The last track we shared with you was his debut release ‘Friday Night’. Which was more of an upbeat rock track. This shows another side of Gary Burk III and his versatile range as an artist.

No matter what the style, Gary’s vocals shine through. Showcasing his wide range and perfect voice for country music. On top of that, he plays the guitar superbly. The video below is a lyrics video, featuring scenes of loving couples of all ages together. This is a great way to highlight the songwriting talents that Gary possesses.

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Tyler Childers: The New Old-School

Twitter: @ttchilders
Instagram: @timmytychilders

Hailing from Paintsville, Kentucky, Tyler Childers is a solo artist who has already made a name for himself in the bluegrass and country scene. Erupting out of Appalachia with a pleasingly shrill voice that soars high and dances low, the young songwriter creates music that is a far cry ahead of modern country music stars, boasting a plethora of songs showcasing his ability to weave gripping stories interspersed with sharp imagery. Beautiful, folksy songs such as “Feathered Indians” have flowing, gilded lyrics that take the listener crashing through the dense thickets of Kentucky; there are songs that are full of grit and grime, like “Whitehouse Road”. “Banded Clovis” is particularly interesting, detailing the day of a group of pill junkies digging for prehistoric Clovis Indian points to sell, ultimately leading to a murder. Tyler Childers’ newest album, Country Squire, was released in August: Country Squire is full of foot-stomping country and bluegrass songs, while simultaneously dabbling in a more Rock style with “All Your’n”, to produce an exhilarating, must have album.

This review was written by MuzicNotez writer Samuel Weber

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