Siki Daha’s “Oh London”

Siki Daha is an Australian artist best known for his appearance on Australian Idol, Daha has used the experience as a launching pad for his career. For the past five years he has been working hard at crafting his own form of pop/ lounge music, drawing from influences such as Sade, Aaliyah, Marvin Gaye, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson.

Daha combines smooth soulful vocals with organic lounge beats to create the perfect soundtrack for chilling out and intimacy. Daha was born in Pakistan, but also lived in Dubai before basing himself in Australia. He learnt to sing at the age of 9, while learning to play the tublas. His interest in music encouraged him to undertake music education, graduating with an Advanced Diploma in Music in 2006.

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In early 2012 Daha left his home in Sydney and moved to London to further pursue his career in the music industry, in early June he started travelling between Europe and The US writing material for a new album titled “Equanimity”. With a mixture of influences and sounds taken from his travels in Greece, Spain, Turkey and France the album tells the story of love, loss and all the ups and downs of life.

Having just signed with a UK based Publisher by the name of The Jungle Music Group in London and a tour in the works through Germany, France and England Daha is just beginning to make his mark in the music industry through Europe.

Daha’s cover of No Ordinary Love remixed by Murray Hood (Oxford Hustlers) along with the remixes of Sasha and Broken by Michael White (0 1 0 Projects) have garnered play throughout clubs in London, New York, Sydney and Barcelona and was played at this year’s Sydney Mardi Gras Party. Daha’s music is also playing in Woolworths and Coles Supermarkets around Australia.

Siki Daha would like to share a message that will resonate with people who know the meaning of struggles and hardships but are resilient in the face of adversity.

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