Sonja Perenda’s Silent Screams

Genre blending is nothing new to the music industry. But some genres appear completely mutually exclusive and seem to defy the prospect of blending; so diametrically opposed in styles that one would never imagine a marriage of the two.

But for the innovative, they tend to see similarities where most of us see only exclusivity. Such is the case with Austrian singer Sonja Perenda, whose blend of classic vocal technique with contemporary rock has led some to label it “operatic rock.”

Sonja has just released her debut album with the meaningful title “Time has come”. It is a blend of big vocal lines, catchy melodies, heavy guitars and classical influences and has already received amazing reviews (e.g. Skope Mag, Ravenheart Magazine) as well as regular airplay in radio stations all over the globe.

With six years of working and writing behind her what has emerged is a collection of Sonja’s emotive lyrical matter, in fact, melded with heavy rock and metal riffs. Think one part opera (sung in English), another part metal instrumentation with an almost Trans-Siberian Orchestra backing.

Until today, Sonja Perenda had the chance to tour through Europe and the Middle East, playing shows in places like Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon or Kosovo. She has been performing in front of the UN-soldiers at the camps in Kosovo and Syria as well as playing at major festivals in Austria and Germany.

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