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We give free spots in our magazine to all of our MuzicNotez members. If you’re not a member yet,
sign up for free. We also provide spots for contest winners, and roster members of our MuzicNotez Boost. Anybody can also submit to our magazine and join our free list, however we receive so many submissions and already have such a huge list of artists to feature it’s impossible to get to you all.

If you want to push something right away and become featured in our magazine without dealing with the waiting list, we have some options for you. You jump to the top of the list and will be featured in our magazine within 48 hours through the Indie Review and Interview options below.

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Why do you want to be in the MuzicNotez Magazine?

  • We rank very high in search engines for “Indie” and “Music”
  • Our Magazine receives an average of 5,000+ readers worldwide every month and continually rises bringing new fans
  • We formed relationships with other press opportunities seeking new talent whom continually search through our magazine
  • Each post is pushed through our various social networks totaling over 10,000 REAL indie fans and promoters

Become featured in our magazine within 48 HOURS!

Indie Review Get Started >>

Indie Review

Our indie review includes an artist bio, picture, all of your links and we embed your latest single, video or album to stream. Each review is forever linked with our highly ranked magazine and pushed to our various social media networks. Being featured in our magazine also helps your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by being linked to a popular site like ours. By taking out this review you’ll be featured in our magazine within 48 hours of taking it out. View an example of our reviews here >>

Take out your review NOW >>

Be interviewed by our Magazine Get Started >>


Our MuzicNotez Crew editorial staff continually interviews talent from all different genres and areas of the world. We personally interview you through an easy email format, and ask you questions that present you in the best possible light. Your interview with us will bring light to anything new going on in your career as a musician or band, and expose your real personality to your fans as well as new ones that regularly read our magazine. View an interview example >>

Once we have interviewed you, you’ll receive a permanent full page spot in our magazine that is displayed in our navigation. Take out your interview now >>

You can also upgrade and save with our Interview Press Pack. Which includes our interview, a press release in our magazine of which is added into our various RSS streams, and social media promotion to our thousands of followers. Save with the interview press pack now >>

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