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We endlessly search for the best indie resouces that we feel would truly benefit our artists and fans of MuzicNotez trying to get their music heard and promoted. Opportunities ranging from top notch magazines, radio stations, studios, agents, managers and any recommendations we find for you. We’ve personally worked with all of these connections and guarantee there validity to you!
“Beyond Mainstream.”

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Indie Music Submission

Every independent musician knows what it’s like to endlessly search for new magazines and radio stations to submit to. Than having to find the proper contact form, email or procedure just to submit your music for a chance to be featured. Throughout our time as musicians, and PR reps for artists we know this all too well. Over the years we have already done the work finding these press opportunities, we have built relationships with them and now you can take advantage of that. Make your indie music submission >

Emerging Talent Agency

The Emerging Talent Agency is on a continual talent search throughout MuzicNotez to find the best new emerging artists. We have given The ETA some of our highest traffic spots throughout the site and magazine to promote there finds and asure they become heard. Also as you may have already seen we’ve developed The Emerging Artists Radio to promote all of the best track’s found, this is also available on most mobile devices @, so to check it out!
Learn More >

Punk Rock Princess

elcome to The Punk Rock Princess, I am Jadine Arnold, this is the go-to resource for entertainment, travel, lifestyle insights, emerging excitements and behind the scenes of an international dreamer, also my adorable ragdoll kitten “Pancakes”! Events coordinator in Edinburgh. Learn More >


Info and Inspiration for a Creative Generation. Learn More >

Hear Me Raw

Hear Me Raw is a new music site who started as a small project to celebrate unsigned artists and has grown beyond expectations as artists began contacting them for coverage. They’re loving all the new music, and the collaborators he’s got on board! Learn More >

The Music Room

The Music Room is a place that was born out of a love for all things music… the bands, the records, the concerts, and the fellowship of others who feel the same way. The goal of this site is to discover new music and to share it with anyone who wants to hear it. We want to go beyond just “we like this band” or “you should get that record.” We want to feature some of the great places where music lives, and the people who bring it to life in their own unique way. We’re glad you found us. Now please make this your site. Drop the needle down and enjoy! Learn More >

Indie Music Bus

Indie Music Bus™ is a social media promotion company working with emerging and well known indie acts. Our goal is to have great Independent music reaching music listeners. We also focus on finding and directing opportunities to musicians like indie radio, bloggers, online magazines, interviews and ep/cd reviews using a large network of like minded professionals who all work together in a cross promotion agreement. Learn More >

Vents Magazine

MTS Management Group

MTS Management is more than just an artist management company…it is a bonafide rock star in the music industry. Specializing in full-service artist management, publicity and promotions, and social media campaigns, MTS Management is on the cutting edge of today’s new music business. Learn More >

Find Indie Music

The Place to Discover Indie Music or Submit Indie Music. Learn More >

Revolver Underground

Revolver Underground is a 1-hour, weekly, syndicated, music show featuring Independent artists from all over the world. Revolver Underground exists independently, by indie artists, FOR independent artists. We bring talent, otherwise unheard, to the masses on a global scale via the internet or terrestrial radio stations. Revolver also offers affordable solutions to image, marketability, playability, professionalism, and general business sensibility. Our artists continually receive airplay on Revolver Underground and we definitely recommend them to any indie artists out there. Learn More >

Pixolia Studios

We have worked with Pixolia Studios personally while creating and other projects. We personally recommend them to you for any and all of your web design needs. Every musician, and company needs a professional web site and image to grow and receive exposure, however not everybody has the skills to create it on their own. Pixolia Studios has the skills and knowledge to meet all of your needs and take yourself to the next level!

Learn More >

Independent Music Promotions

Independent Music Promotions is dedicated to promoting up and coming indie artists, as well as providing tools to succeed in a difficult industry. A great resource they offer for indie musicians is the book “Your Band Is A Virus” of which is jam packed with tips of the trade and is a viral marketing guide to success. Learn More >

Push Power Promo

Push Power Promo is a Music Promotion company that focuses on Urban upcoming and mainstream artists. We offer Promo Packages, Social Media Services, Song Mastering Services, and more. Get your music heard with us! Learn More >

More to come soon… If you would like to appear on this and become affiliated with MuzicNotez, contact us and we’ll consider you for review. If you would like to recommend us or swap links go here.

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