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  • Current Status:  New video for "Love, Why So Far Away?"
  • Artist Name:  John Haesemeyer
  • Genre:  Americana
  • About & History:  Like many of my generation, I found sanctuary in the music of the singer-songwriters of the 1970s. Somehow, the heartfelt lyrics and melodies of their songs — accompanied by the authentic sound of acoustic guitar, piano, and other natural instruments — gave me the space I needed to reflect on all that was happening around me: my parents’ divorce, the closets I found myself in, and the ordinary changes of adolescence.

    Inspired, I wrote my first songs sitting alone in my bedroom with a used steel-string acoustic guitar and a tattered booklet of basic chords loaned to me by my brother. Songwriting, I found, enabled me to express feelings that were otherwise hard to share: abandonment, heartbreak, loneliness, love, wanderlust, hope. To this day, even as I have matured, I still find songwriting a great way to slow down and make sense of the world around me.

    My bio? Grew up in Iowa, went to a small college in Minnesota, worked in sales, went to business school in Michigan, worked as a management consultant in Chicago, moved out to (and came out in) San Francisco in 1999, and climbed the corporate ladder.

    Along the way I’ve written, performed, and recorded about 50 songs. In 2012, after working seven years with the same company, I decided to quit my job to work on music full-time. My new studio album, Come Along Quickly, was the result.

    It’s hard for me to describe my own music. People tell me they like the honesty in my voice, the strength of my melodies, and the imagery of my lyrics. I also like to play with a variety of genres while striving to remain true to my singer-songwriter roots.

    But the truth is, talking about music only goes so far. To really understand it, you have to listen to it. So I encourage you to play a song or two - you be the judge. I always like to hear from listeners so don’t hesitate to shoot me a message and let me know what you think!
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