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  • Band Name:  LOKA
  • Genre:  Hard Rock
  • About Us & History:  LOKA
    Vocals: Kihiro
    Drums: KEN'ICHI
    Bass: Katsumi
    Guitar: SIN


    LOKA is an Alternative Hard Rock band based out of Tokyo/Japan.
    But they're music do not sound "Japanese", if you listen to they're music
    you'll find the music back bone to be more American Hard Rock.
    Also combined with raging synthesizer and digital drum beats, they're music
    do not stop only at live houses but spread to the club music scene.

    LOKA first makes they're appearance on June 9th 2012. At that time, only the
    singer Kihiro and drummer KEN'ICHI were the official members, and bass, guitar
    players were formed by support members.
    On August 8th, LOKA releases they're first EP "01"-zero one- and kicks off
    a nation tour from September.
    While on the road they also release they're first Album on November 7th, "EnFLAME" and continues they're nation touring to the end of the year (approx. 40 shows), both immediately selling 1000 copies and still growing.

    In 2013 April, they welcome Katsumi as an official bass player for LOKA.
    LOKA is set to kick off another nation summer tour including and international tour
    to play a summer festival in Taiwan, FORMOZ FESTIVAL.

    Though it's only been a year since the band has formed, they're musicianship, profession, and performance is considered top class in the country.

    Reading the members past profile will make you understand
    that they've been around the worlds music industry for a while.

    Vocalist: Kihiro
    Originally the singer for the band Supe.
    In 2003 the band relocated to Long Beach, California to perfect their international sound and expand the reach of their energetic live shows.  With the 2006 self-release of their successful six-song EP Grow in the Cold, produced by Sylvia Massy-Shivy (Tool, System of a Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers), Supe launched their first US tour with 50+ dates from coast to coast.
    Then in 2007 the EP was picked by Buddy Records in their native Japan and a subsequent homecoming release tour followed to eager fans.  This landed the band on the covers of various “in-country” rock magazines and a feature on MTV-Japan.
    Back in the US Supe launched a follow-up tour and released their single Shade to radio.  The independent EP sold in impressive 30,000+ units prompting a full 11-song follow-up CD with the support of Buddy Records in Japan as well as the US partner Activate Ent.
    Once again producer Massy-Shivy went to work yielding the 2008 release first album 2nd Place To None, which took the band to new levels with the power-ballad Perfect Libra along with rock anthems, Do I Care and Crash.  Supe then took to the road hitting over 65 cities in the U.S. and Japan for their Summer Rocks 2008 Tour including several stops on the VANS WARPED TOUR. 
    In 2009 Supe toured Japan with (hed) p.e. and then quickly jetted to Taiwan and China to join mega-rock band Story of the Year for a series of dates before returning home to the US to record a follow up CD and launch the much anticipated Hed to Head Tour criss-crossing the US (40 shows)for the summer with (hed) p.e and Mushroomhead.

    In 2010 Supe makes they're first appearance in Japan's biggest summer festival, Summer Sonic sharing the stage with SLASH, Hole, Dream Theater and Devil Wears Prada.

    Drummer: KEN'ICHI
    Originally the drummer for SEX MACHINEGUNS.
    SEX MACHINEGUNS is one of the TOP CLASS Metal band in Japan from late 90's.
    After series of member changes, KEN'ICHI is welcomed as they're original member
    in 2007, competing against 200+ auditioner.
    After joining the band, they release 3 Albums and 3 Singles with few songs hitting
    high rank on the Japan's billboard chart. The band performed from 60 to 100 shows every year in the country. After 5 years of SEX MACHINEGUNS, KEN'ICHI decides to leave the band to join LOKA in June 2012.
    KEN'ICHI is also busy working as a studio drummer. He has supported for Japan's top selling artist THE ALFEE's guitarist solo band in August 2012, and plans to do it again this summer.

    Bassist: Katsumi
    Originally the bassist for CLAYFISH. The band was signed to a Major record company in 2004, sharing stages with RIZE, DefTech, 10-FEET, and other Japan's major band. The band spread apart in 2006, and Katsumi works as a support bassist
    for several bands until he finds LOKA in 2013.

    Guitar: SIN
    Originally guitarist for Visual key band "WIZARD". After releasing several singles and Albums with the band, they disbanded in April 2013. After supporting several shows with LOKA from April 2013, SIN has originally joined the band on August 2013. SIN is endorsed and is the monitor player of COMBAT Guitars.


    Sponsors & Endorsements : AUDIX MICROPHONE, TAMA Drums, Zildjian

    First EP "01"-zero one-
    1. The World is Yours
    2. Everybody Rock'N Roll
    3. Naked to my soul
    4. Hey God
    5. Don't ever leave me out

    First Album "EnFLAME"
    1. SLICK
    3. JIVE
    5. PYTHON
    6. LEFT OF ME
    9. ALIVE

    SINGLE Release
    1.Make it Through

    1.ALIVE (Acoustic Remix)
    2.Don't ever leave me out (Piano Remix)

  • Our Website:  http://loka-official.com
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