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Who are we?

We are a dedicated team of digital marketing professionals, whom are obsessed with music, and love promoting new material. We're still young and on the edge of marketing trends, so our strategies are new age, highly successful, while keeping our prices lower than any of our competitors.

What do we do?

MuzicNotez is here to support you! You're a musician, focus on your music, we will focus on your promotion. All independent musicians need to be their own manager, PR agent and social media director. Also, no matter if you're just launching your career, or an established touring musician, an independent musician's promotional budget is slim. We created promotional strategies that decrease costs, increase broadcasting reach, creating incredible values for you.

Why MuzicNotez?

We're unlike any other promotional company, we're also a top rated music magazine. Reviews and interviews in top rated magazines help build your press kit, while increase your SEO (search engine optimization) to naturally build your fan base with real fans! We guarantee positive reviews/interviews in our magazine, plus regularly network with other similar magazines/radio stations to push you to.

MuzicNotez Services?

Our MuzicNotez free roster leads to exposure throughout our site, the MuzicNotez Battles, Notezworthy Charts and spots in our magazine.

MuzicNotez PRO offers DIY promotional tools including social, PR, industry leads, radio and spots in our magazine.

Our MuzicNotez BOOST gives you a personal PR agent at a independent artists budget. These include monthly campaigns to guaranteed magazine features, PR blasts and social media exposure.

  • Invest a small amount in yourself
    • To grow your real fan base
    • Whom will invest further in you
  • Instead of being your own manager, PR agent and social media director
    • Let us handle the promotion, while you focus on your music
  • We don't take any royalties or percentage of your profit
    • We're your dedicated marketing team focused on your succes
  • We create unique, new age, digital PR campaigns specific to you
    • At a fraction of the price anybody else tries to take from you
  • 100% GUARANTEED promotion, nobody else can beat our dedication or price

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