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Why Join & What We Offer

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Why Join & What We Offer

Why MuzicNotez? [Top]

The question should be, why not? Because our PR Team personally works with you unlike any other site to expose you to the world. We're a free site for you to join, only takes you a couple minutes to set up your profile, and the more you promote with us all for free the more we promote you! You'll find other artists and bands on our site that you wouldn't find anywhere else, and we're growing everyday! Join us!

What do we offer musicians? [Top]

Professional representation to opportunities worldwide, publication in our Magazine and discovery from our talent agency.

What kind of opportunities? [Top]

Magazines, Radio airplay, Labels, Gigs, Licensing and more.

Do you guarantee acceptance? [Top]

YES! Others offer opportunities, we guarantee them monthly under our representation.

Is MuzicNotez free to join? [Top]

YES, anybody can join MuzicNotez and we promote you in our magazine for free. We offer further PR services for affordable prices as well though. If you're not a member yet, join for free now >>

Can I make money? [Top]

YES, we represent you under our label and any opportunities you are accepted to that bring income, we take no cut of it, it's all yours.

If I'm not a musician, but just a fan, why should I join MuzicNotez? [Top]

Because our artists and bands need your support! Also we can guarantee you'll find some amazing talent on our site that you wouldn't find on any other cluttered site. As a fan it's your job to show your love of music, add any music related YouTube videos to your profile to express your taste in music, go around and make friends/talk to all our great talent and other fans, listen to all our amazing music, watch our amazing videos, check out our magazine to learn more about us and other artists in the independent music industry and more to come!

If I'm a label, why should I join MuzicNotez? [Top]

Join us, and have the musicians you represent join us! We will help promote your label and connect talent to your label.

Promotional Tools

What is the MuzicNotez Boost? [Top]

Our Boost packages are exactly what they sound like, a boost in your career as a musician. We boost you up in 3 phases of the industry.

First off, we guarantee features in our own highly ranking magazine each month your under our representation (via reviews, interviews, monthly magazine issues).

Secondly, our PR team personally pushes you to 100+ promotional leads worldwide in radio and magazine/blogs each month.

Finally, we push you to our thousands of REAL social media followers throughout our various social networks from all of our team members.

How do I get into the Magazine & Newsletter? [Top]

Our entire talent roster is promoted in our monthly magazine issues for free. If you aren't a member yet you can sign up here. We promote indie talent through our reviews, interviews and in our monthly mag issues.

Our site is highly ranked in all search engines for most 'Indie Music' search terms. We receive countless submissions per day. We attempt to respond each of these submissions, however it's impossible to feature each submission. If you would like to receive a guaranteed spot and move up to the top of the list, you can take out various spots for extremely valuable prices. In fact, our Indie Review is guaranteed to be posted within 48 hours of you taking it out! Learn more about how to get in here >>

How do I get an interview with MuzicNotez? [Top]

Just contact us and we will review you for an interview. Your best chances are if you have a quality and unique sound, or if you use MuzicNotez often (yes we notice). However, if you want to cut through the red tape and receive our interview instantly, you can take that out here >>

What are the MuzicNotez Battles and how do I join? [Top]

Our battles are basically an online battle of the bands. We have 4 different genre rounds of 6 bands/artists battling it out to get into the championship round. Whoever wins that is crowned our champion and receives the ultimate $500+ promotional prize!
Learn more and apply here >>

What are the Notezworthy Indie Charts? [Top]

All MuzicNotez tracks and videos have our NotezWorthy rating system above them for anybody (even non-members) to vote on. The highest rated music/videos are in the top 10 of our charts which are featured on the top of the corresponding pages (audios or videos).
Learn more here >>

How can the Emerging Talent Agency help me? [Top]

The ETA is on a constant talent search throughout our talent roster for the best new emerging talent. If that's you, you will be discovered by them and additionally promoted through us and them in various outlets. The ETA team also contributes to our magazine continually with new music from around the globe.

How do I get on the Emerging Talent Radio? [Top]

The above mentioned ETA and our PR Team pick out the best new music to feature in our radio playlist and on our affiliates stations. Contact us if you're interested.

How do I find artists to collaborate with? [Top]

All of our members whom are looking to collaborate are displayed under our collaboration database page. You can choose whatever genre, or location you're specifically looking for, than just hit them up and get started!

What is MuzicNotez PRO? [Top]

MuzicNotez PRO is our upgraded version for MuzicNotez members to receive everything we have to offer. All basic members receive our basic free promotional offers, such as promotions in our magazine, inclusion to our battles and utilization of our Collaboration platform.

However, you can upgrade to our PRO version to receive the full amount of our features. This includes the following:

  • Industry Leads Portal (access to new press every week!)
  • Profile Web App savable to all major phones
  • Added to mobile friendly Emerging Talent Radio
  • Weekly submissions to our 10,000+ FB & Twitter Pages
  • Added to Indie Elite MuzicNotez Home Page Section

All this only comes at an additional $10 a month, which is the best deal you'll find in this industry. We're all about providing affordable exposure for our hard working independent artists.

How To Work With Us

How can we begin cross promoting? [Top]

We're always happy to work with others whom have similar goals as ourselves. We can form an equally beneficial relationship to promote each other. Either through banner/logo exchanges (you can find our banners here, if you choose to promote us on your site, let us know and we will return the favor), running magazine reviews on each other, interviews, all of the above or anything else you had in mind. Just contact us.

How can I become an affiliate of MuzicNotez? [Top]

If you offer a service that would be beneficial to us or our talent roster, we can definitely work something out. Either through site sponsorship, becoming a writer in our magazine (in exchange for free promotion from us), selling your services for commission or anything else you have in mind. Again, just contact us and we can try to work together.

Whom we're typically interested in working with?

  • Music magazines that promote indie talent worldwide
  • Radio stations that promote indie music of all genres
  • Labels whom represent talented musicians
  • Businesses whom offer premiere promotion for our artists
  • Anybody who offers services our talent roster can benefit from
  • Music writers/bloggers/reviewers whom want to write for our magazine

I want to advertise on your site, how can I do this? [Top]

If you're an artist, band or label join our roster for free and we'll promote you. If you're anybody else, or looking for more than that, just contact us with your request.

What do I get from advertising on MuzicNotez? [Top]

We're in the indie music niche market, meaning all of our traffic is definitely interested in music. If your company serves musicians, fans or the indie industry at all we're the perfect spot to advertise on. Your click through rate will be extremely high. We average 100-200 unique visitors a day, if you're interested in us funneling them your way, look up our advertising spots/rates here >>

How can I submit news to your magazine? [Top]

Our magazine promotes everything indie, if you think you fit in, submit your news to our submission form.

How can I sponsor the MuzicNotez Battles? [Top]

Our battles bring in thousands (10K - 20K) of votes per 2 week battle. You can either contribute to the promotional prize pack, sponsor a single battle, or the full competition. Find sponsorship rates here, and contact us if you would like to contribute to our prizes.

Sponsors have an ad banner promoted on top of the battle, in all of our battles magazine promotional material and throughout our social marketing campaign. Prize contributors are promoted in all of our magazine promotions and social marketing campaigns.

How do I sell my services & products in your store? [Top]

Our MNotez.com E-Store sells indie promotion, social marketing, custom merch and indie apparel. If you fit in to that, or offer something our musically inclined customer base can benefit from, we can sell/dropship your services/products for a commission. Contact us for review in to our store.

I need a professional site built, how can I hire your web designers? [Top]

We have developed our whole social network (thousands of pages) in house through our own professional web designers. Our design team also does work for our musicians and other sites. If you're looking for something to be done professionally but for a reasonable price contact us and we can possibly work something out together.

If I have any other question or problem at all, what do I do? [Top]

Just contact us through our contact form and we will respond soon as we can. Or contact us on Facebook/Twitter and we will respond to you there.


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