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Music Industry Promotional Opportunities

Throughout our years in the music industry, we've found outstanding promotional opportunities worldwide to best expose our talent roster. Press opportunities in magazine, radio, licensing, booking, labels and more. Any way that we can help our artists to become heard, we're always open to connecting. That's what it's all about, worldwide global connections that benefit everybody involved, our talent, our business, your talent, and your business.

MuzicNotez has countless extremely talented musicians in all genres, and from all over the world. We continually send them to our press opportunities under our management. With that being said if you fit that bill and have an exposure opportunity for our most talented members, please contact us below and we can form a relationship to continually work together in the future.

Cross Promotion & FREE Exposure [Top]


Pretty self explanatory, if you have a service that can help us and our members, we can form a relationship to equally cross promote each other to our respective fan bases. Through exchanging links and/or banners, PR Releases, interviewing each other or anything else you have in mind, we're definitely interested in helping each other out. Just contact us to get started.

Affiliates Program, Promote Music, Make Money! $$$ [Top]

We have a lot of promotional opportunities within MuzicNotez as well. Throughout our magazine, our press packs, sponsorship, and our top seller, our management. If you have connections in the music industry as an artist, PR Company or anything else, we offer an affiliates program to freelance sell our promotion for a commission.

This is a great offer for anybody in the industry looking to generate more income, and at the same time offer a great opportunity to your artists or friends. We would create a specific coupon code for you that when entered upon purchase in our store, gives your client a 5% discount on our services, and gives you 15% commission on that sale. Once a month we will send you your total commission through PayPal. If interested, please contact us below and we will get started!

Magazine Guest Writers [Top]

MuzicNotez Magazine

Our magazine is compromised of writers and bloggers from around the globe that are all extremely passionate about exposing new indie music. If you're as passionate about music as we are, and are a good writer, we have a place for you in our magazine. This is completely freelance work that you can do from anywhere, in exchange for being a guest writer on MuzicNotez, we promote you. We would give you your own column in our magazine, and back link to your personal site, magazine or blog on the bottom of each of your posts. If you also have a logo that would of course be added.

This is also a great opportunity for labels and PR companies looking to further expose your artists. Become a writer in our magazine and we will additionally promote your artists, and each post you add to MuzicNotez throughout all of our social networks.

Each post is reviewed by our chief editor of staff before going live in our magazine, this is not an opportunity for spam or a thousand links. It's an opportunity to expose great music, talk about great music and anything our indie music fans and readers would be interested in. Contact us below to apply.

Sponsorship [Top]

We have a constantly increasing traffic throughout our thousands of pages on MuzicNotez. We're in the niche indie music market, so all of our traffic is interested in indie, and interested in music. If your business fits that market base, we would be happy to feature you on MuzicNotez and send our traffic your way. Our traffic, newsletter email list and talent roster increases by 30% each month. We promote our sponsors on our site in whichever ad placement you take out, in our magazine, through our newsletter and social networks. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor here at MuzicNotez, view our opportunities here >>

MuzicNotez Battles Prize Sponsors [Top]

MuzicNotez Battles

Our MuzicNotez Battles are our biggest traffic bringer. They're an online battle of the bands, 4 different genre battles (consisting of 6 artists/bands, each battle is 2 weeks long), with each winner battling in the ultimate championship battle. The best sponsorship ad placement would definitely be right above these battles. However we also have other sponsorship opportunities, you can sponsor our battles through our grand prize. All of our prize sponsors are promoted in all of our marketing campaigns throughout our battles of which last more than 4 months each competition. If you have something to offer our musicians as a prize, in promotion, merchandise or whatever else, please contact us and we will consider your offer.

If your interested in joining our Incentives Program, promote our members or advertise on MuzicNotez, please contact us.

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