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Virtual Manager

Social networking is an ESSENTIAL part of promotion for any musician or music related business looking to expand their fans or customers. However it is extremely time consuming and can be a real hassle with the unlimited amount of social networks these days. That's why we decided to offer the Virtual Manager! You no longer need to use up all your valuable time promoting the same stuff on page after page, now you can use that time on what you're true passion is and let the Virtual Manager take care of the rest.

Choose from 3 different packages that we've created, ranging from 3 month subscriptions, to a year, the longer the subscription the cheaper you pay per month, as well as the more work we do for you, and more promotion you receive from MuzicNotez.

What Does The Virtual Manager All Do?

  • Updates in Our Magazine & Online Press Releases
    • (1-5 Depending on package)
  • Social Media Management:
    • Any Social Network Profile
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • YouTube
      • Reverbnation
      • MuzicNotez (thrown in for free)
      • Ect.
    • Certain # Updates Per Page
      • Audio, Video, Image Uploads
      • Status Updates throughout pages
      • Gigs, Press Releases, etc.
    • Once a week the Virtual Manager personally updates whatever information/content you wish via whichever package you purchase.
  • Magazine Audio Promo Per Month Of Subscription (at least!)

Our Virtual Manager prices are displayed below: (The longer term you subscribe to, the cheaper it is per month)
(Click Here for More Details of Each Package)

Virtual Manager Price (per month) # Of Pages Updated
(per week)
# Of Updates
(per week)
Featured Mag Promo Press Release (s)
3 Month Term $7.99 10 (+ MuzicNotez Profile) 5 3 Audios 1
6 Month Term $6.99 (15% OFF) 15 (+ MuzicNotez Profile) 8 6 Audios 2
1 Year Term $5.99 (25% OFF) 20 (+ MuzicNotez Profile) 10 8 Audios, 2 Videos, 2 Promo Spots 3
(1 Year Term)
$14.99 UNLIMITED UNLIMITED 8 Audios, 2 Videos, 2 Promo Spots 5

How Does It Work?

Once you choose the terms that work best for you, our Virtual Manager will personally contact you. You and the manager will work out the details of which profiles are going to be taken care of. Finally you will have to hand over all of the passwords/usernames to these profiles you decided on (don't worry! Our managers are guaranteed to be trustworthy with your private information). Once all the information has been exchanged, everything's ready to go and you can begin sending your updates/new uploads you'd like to be done each week and they'll be updated across the board so you don't have to worry about it anymore!


Just pick which Virtual Manager Term is right for you from the tables displayed above, than subscribe HERE. Our Virtual Manager will contact you immediately to begin personally working with you to update/promote whatever you would like in accordance to the terms you choose. Contact Us with any questions you may have about our Virtual Manager and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. These specific terms don't exactly fit your needs? Feel free to contact us and we can work out a deal.


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