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MuzicNotez Battles!

What are they?

Want to be in the MuzicNotez Battles?

Any MuzicNotez member can take part in our battles upon our approval. Not a member? Join now for FREE to join.

If we haven't contacted you yet, and you would like to be considered for the Battles, than fill out the application below with your information and the song you would like to be considered.

We will review you and respond ASAP.

The MuzicNotez Battles are an online battle of the bands for indie musicians to see how they match up against their peers and gain new fans from around the globe. There are 4 different genre battles (rock, rap, metal, wildcard - mixed genre) with 6 different international bands/artists battling to move on to the championship battle. We select the best emerging talent from all around the globe which make it a very competitive and compelling competition!

How do they work?

Very simple, the 6 different competitors are posted with their song of choice to go into battle with. Each battle lasts 2 weeks, and everybody (each IP address) has a chance to vote 10 times per day for their favorite to move on to the championship battle. Than in the Championship each of the previous battle winners compete to be the next MuzicNotez Battles Champ!

What do you win?

Exposure, and a chance to be heard. Everybody is a winner in this regard because all the contestants will be receiving free promotion and exposure by being on our home page battling it out for 2 weeks and being promoted through us here at MuzicNotez, as well as our battles sponsors.

Each battle winner will receive more elite exposure, promotion and prizes through us and our sponsors. The ultimate goal and prize goes to the eventual Battles Champ whom beat out all the other 24 contestants to win the grand prize.

The MuzicNotez Battles Champion will receive the $2,120+ GRAND PRIZE!

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2017 CHAMP
2016 CHAMP
2015 CHAMP
2014 CHAMP

An Example Of How Our Battles Look:

This is an example of how our MuzicNotez Battles look, features 6 artists/bands and their song of choice with a poll for anybody to choose their favorite to win the battle. The contestant with the most votes at the end of 2 weeks wins!

Fill out the applicatoin above if you would like to compete in our Battles!

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