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MuzicNotez Career Opportunities

We offer internship opportunities here at MuzicNotez to join our team. You will be a part of something great, help expose new music worldwide, and it can lead to careers here or elsewhere else in the industry. Our internships train you, teach you new skills and you receive commissions on sales with us. View and apply to our possible positions below.

How Our Internship Programs Help You

  • Get your foot in the door to the music industry
  • Enhance your resume for future opportunities
  • Add professional references
  • Get to know great indie resources & affiliates
  • Earn money off sales commissions
  • Internship can lead to a career at MuzicNotez

Internship Positions Currently Available

Magazine Content Writer  

Bloggers and writers can join our editorial staff to gain writing experience. Review new music, artists, albums and shows. Gain expertise in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Each accepted article has your signature (+ logo if that applies) with link back to your website giving you free exposure for your time.

Marketing and Promotions  

Join our marketing department and work with us to spread new music to the world. Be part of our promotional campaigns. Learn social media promotion through Facebook and Twitter. Run sale and ad campaigns. Gain expertise in analytic reporting and optimizing.

Talent Scouting  

Discover and bring in new indie talent to join our roster and receive further exposure. Directly work with artist and bands from all over the world. If you're a musician yourself, or just a fan, as long you have an ear for music and/or connections in the industry this is perfect for you.

You gain 15% commissions on any sales you make on MuzicNotez ad, PR Campaigns and Management signings.

Web Development  

The MuzicNotez web design team can do it all and is leading the industry. You can gain knowledge in all aspects of the field.

Talent Promoter  

You can join our PR Team and help expose the MuzicNotez talent roster to new opportunities in the industry. Create professional press releases for new talent. Increase your networking skills. Give new indie music the exposure it deserves. Work directly with the leading talent, magazines and radio stations in the industry today.

Affiliates Networking  

Work with MuzicNotez industry affiliates. Seek new affiliates to increase exposure for our talent. Gain 15% commissions for sponsorships ad sales. Gain professional expertise in networking.

Media Designer  

Do you have skills in video design? Generate promotional videos for our talent and ad campaigns. Also design new logos and digital ads.

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