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How Our Rankings Work & Benefit You

How does MuzicNotez decide who to give out all this free advertising to? Well besides all of our promotions, it's based off of the ranking scale. Basically the more you promote on our site, (audios, videos, image albums, and more to come) the higher your rankings, and therefore the more we promote you.

These rankings are essentially a journey through the life of a musician ascending from the bottom to the top. There are five different rankings, each one a different level on our online independent music label. They range from Aspiring, Garage Band, Headliner, Arena Act to Legends.

Depending on how much you use MuzicNotez and promote with us, the more we reward you. The higher your ranking, the higher traffic areas we promote you on. Our rewards are listed below in accordance to which ranking you've reached, if you have achieved a certain ranking already and have not received the reward, please contact us to give us a reminder.

MuzicNotez is the ONLY site on the net with a rankings reward system like this that gives away free advertising. So take advantage of it, and see how high you can get your ranking!

Band & Artist Profiles
Rewards Given
  • Signed onto our MuzicNotez label, so we can begin promoting you.
  • Featured as new member on home page and backstage
  • 10% OFF discount on all promo on MNotez.com




  • Eligible for everything MuzicNotez has to offer, and MuzicNotez will personally work with you as a direct agent to promote you even more.
  • New upgraded LEGENDS Profile
  • Featured under Members Page dropdown forever
  • Rotating ad on Members page
  • FREE 6 Month subscription to upgraded E.T.A. P.K. profile
  • 50% OFF discount on all promo on MNotez.com

If you have achieved a specific ranking and not received or been contacted to receive the designated reward please CONTACT the MuzicNotez Crew to notify us and we will hook you up soon as we can!

How Do You Increase Your Ranking?

Band & Artist Profiles
Levels Criteria To Meet
Aspiring 0 Uploads
Garage Band 15 Uploads
Headliner 30 Uploads
Arena Act 50 Uploads
LEGEND 120 Uploads
  • "Criteria To Meet" - Refers to the total amount of uploads you have on your profile.
    • Audios
    • Videos
    • Image Albums
    • More inclusions to come...


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